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Cleansing of the face: change the disc

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Cleansing of the face: change the disc

Now it has a new look with smart textiles equipped with double-sided target assets. To choose according to his skin.

He is dealing with the pad of polyester fibers dethrone the cotton pad? The surfaces can be sculpted to "scrape" the dead cells and / or impregnated with an active powder (cleansers, soothing, moisturizing). All combinations are possible.

1. Anti-aging Microdermabrasion. It slides her fingers between the two
sides of the disc and moistened. Tails, the microcrystals
d├ęgomment dead cells, stimulate epidermal renewal
and smooth fine lines while removes foam. Side face,
moisturizing ingredients soothe the skin. Cleaning pads Renovators
Daily RENEWEX Roc, 9.90 euros 24 box.

2. Exfoliation wrinkle smoothly. Here, the technique is different.
Massaged for three minutes with the serrated cotton which
contains exfoliating star trio of beer yeast house
soften, sugar beet extract to remove cells
died and rice bran to exfoliate. On the face smooth with silk
natural and then rinsed their faces. Super Exfoliating Discs
Shiseido Bio-Performance in box 8 in the box Renovator
Face that contains the Refining Essence, 140 euros.

3. Matting blackheads. Is wetted, and that foam. We
deep cleans pores with the side impregnated microbeads
orange, and then prevents the reappearance with that contains
salicylic acid. Cleaning pads Scrubs Visibly Clear
Neutrogena, 5.95 euros 22 box.

4. Cleaning morning. You put her fingers in the disc. The
microbeads of the first face remove impurities. The second
hydrates and leaves skin feeling silky. Cleaning pads Pure Glow
Neutrogena, 5.95 euros 22 box.

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