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Covenant of responsibility: "No counterparties" to Pierre Gattaz

February 12 category:Economy
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Covenant of responsibility: "No counterparties" to Pierre Gattaz

Anxious to show his good will, MEDEF Monday Lille organizes a "mobilization" to "amplify" the campaign "a million jobs" on the eve of Hollande's press conference to detail its responsibility pact with business. Guay

The boss of the MEDEF clarifies her game. Both optimistic and threatening, Pierre Gattaz plays on the ambiguity since Fran├žois Hollande has announced its responsibility pact. But he indulged in some critical confidences on the sidelines of his visit to the United States in the delegation accompanying the Head of State, reports Le Figaro. It has "cracked", writes the daily.

Faced with reporters, the boss of the MEDEF asked his expectations of government: "I expect (...) specified by me in March, the trajectory of lower taxes on businesses ( ...) We can not move forward if it restores oxygen and therefore margins for French companies. "

Pierre Gattaz requires a roadmap of the government but no way for him to play the game of "give and take". "When I hear of counterparties in this agreement, I also hear people say to me, 'We're going to force you, we will get you if you do not succeed you will be punished, we will put you in penalties'. We must stop this discourse is unbearable. We are not in a schoolyard. " He concluded: "There is no counterparty."

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