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Crossover holidays: peak of 994 km closures, new record

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Crossover holidays: peak of 994 km closures, new record

Very busy day on the roads of France in this weekend departures and returns from holiday.

AFP / Boris Horvat

Worse and worse. After an already congested morning on the roads of France, the caps have continued to grow. A peak of the day was reached at 12:25 with 994 km of congestion, according to the National Traffic Information Centre (CNIR), making this day crisscross the most congested in history .. The equivalent a Lille Biarritz!

The previous record was recorded August 17, 2013, peaking "brutal and short" of 877 km. The day was heralded as "the most difficult of Summer" by Bison Smart, who had planned the plugs training from 4am in some areas.

The trend was refluxed in mid-afternoon, with 600 km of cumulative caps at 15:00, against 718 km at 14:00. These difficulties concerned only the province, the traffic is fluid around Paris.

Bumper against bumper of 31 km between Lyon and Vienna

Not surprisingly, it is in the Rhone Valley that the difficulties are the most important. The drop caps are expected until late aprtès afternoon, return to normal not before 20 hours.

On the highway the sun that motorists borrowed Saturday morning in a stubborn gray, the travel time between Ternay (Rhône) and Orange (Vaucluse) is 3:30 instead of 1:40. Between Lyon and Vienna, vacationers roll bumper against bumper of 31 kilometers.

Towards Italy, motorists must be patient to cross the tunnel of Mont Blanc with almost waiting 2:15. In the Southwest, the traffic is very busy, especially on the A63 south of Bordeaux, Mios towards the Arcachon basin, with 14 miles of plugs.

Traffic conditions excellent

On the A9, towards Spain, motorists were traveling very difficult to approach Beziers, with traffic accordion of 58 kilometers. Traffic conditions are excellent contrast in the Paris network, noted CNIR. However slowdowns are expected on the A10 in the second part of the afternoon.

Sunday is classified in the direction of orange and green back in the direction of departures.

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