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Dior, Chanel, Ice Watch ... The most beautiful watches from Baselworld 2013

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Dior, Chanel, Ice Watch ... The most beautiful watches from Baselworld 2013

The 2013 edition of the World Watch Fair was completed in early May, in Basel, Switzerland.

Thierry Gachon / MAXPPP / Alsace

If the name sounds like Baselworld the title of an epic film, this year, the World Watch Fair had all the titanic struggle. In the main hall brand new 74,000 square meters redesigned by the firm of Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron-, the most prestigious brands competed with blows of Pharaonic stands. Hermès entrusted the creation of its space Japanese Toyo Ito, winner of the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize, the most prestigious award in the field. Huge cage of light wood, this thought building to be disassembled and reassembled had the good taste to be part of a sustainable air time.

Inside, small glass windows and steel to organic roundness, fruit of more than 200 hours each, unveiled models of the house. Dior had tripled its surface from 300 square meters to more 900, and greeted visitors in a kind of Versailles dark and modern, where a French garden vertical attracted all eyes. Chanel is the American Peter Marino who was in command of the sumptuous setting: a white box outlined in black, XXL version of the cardboard case of No. 5 perfume.

In this highly anticipated 41st edition, buyers and journalists thronged the halls of the show with a record enthusiasm: no less than 122,000 visitors were counted in eight days (or 17% more than last year). As for trends, complications continue their quest for the women's market while the artisans crafts vie subtlety and ingenuity to attract the attention of connoisseurs. In terms of color, different shades of brown, taupe elegant chocolate brown, are a remarkable breakthrough. Like the lady mini watches that do not have cold feet. Review details.

50 shades of brown

Softer than black, warmer than the gray, it is the new tone of chic. Bourgeois but not boring either. An octagonal dial with rounded corners 18k gold finely brushed nod to the beige trench iconic house, exposed screws that moderate sophistication dial with 165 brilliant, and alligator strap with perfect rounded: the new Britain Burberry Trench Gold manages the balance between everyday accessory and feminine jewelry.

For a more classic look, the Malton 160 model of Marvin Swiss brand's renewal, combines a mother of pearl dial, a thin bezel paved and gold index. All mounted on a sage taupe satin strap ... that hides a cheeky red lining which the brand has made its hallmark. The De Ville Ladymatic of Omega, a wristwatch 1950, which was at the time one of the first wife for models with automatic winding, offers her a chocolate version of all softened by the yellow gold. And for the amateur sports models, Rolex Oyster Perpetual declines his famous Day-Date, Version 36 mm in very epicurean shades of cognac and chocolate to taste without moderation.

Women with complications

Long reserved for men, complications now seem to seduce the ladies too. Although it is still poetry that most often takes precedence over technique. At Hermès, for example, the time may suspend its flight. On his latest release of the headband watch tell time or stop is decided by the touch of a button. In a corner of the dial, a crazy needle walking backwards as indifferent to the hours fly by. On the Elite Ultra-slim Zenith dressed in pink gold model stands a moon phase that tracks the cycles of the Queen of Night.

Exception to these poetic variations Il Giardino Tropicale Bulgari, the first major complication for women developed by the Italian jeweler. Nestled in a lush miniature decor inspired by a photo of Liz Taylor wearing a parrot on his arm reveals a marvel of technology. A 50 piece tourbillon movement and automatic winding, unexpected encounter between the exuberance of tropical flora and mastery of watchmaking expertise.

Discrete remarkable

In the Basel excess, small traditional formats have carved out a nice spot for feminine wrists. Refined gem, the Tambour Bijou Secret Louis Vuitton offers a tiny hard stone dial hidden by a pivoting cover decorated with brilliant system. Turquoise, malachite, aventurine, lapis lazuli, opal, jade, colorama is irresistible.

More flashy, the Mini D de Dior is unleashed with his black mother of pearl dial Vietnam mounted on a varnished leather strap neon yellow, pink or vermilion. Longines, Great Classical, ultra-slim profile, plays modernity contrasts with its 100 diamonds highlighting its deep blue dial. Become major watchmaking, minis and twistent their classics.

Precious time

For connoisseurs, the value of a watch as far to the number of hours it took to make, the strength of the wrist, an exception object. Even divert expertise of their scope. Thus, the first model Feathers Harry Winston is the feather-worker Nelly Saunier, more accustomed to working with the world of high fashion with one of watchmaking that has adorned the face of a delicate marquetry feathers.

At Chanel, the collection Mademoiselle Private competes with precision miniatures inspired Coromandel screens grand feu enamel, a Geneva technique that ensures the sets near-indestructibility. With Epure Art, Boucheron paid homage to nature in the form of four timepieces adorned with symbolic plants: ivy for eternal life, wheat for joy and fertility, the olive branch for strength and peace, and thought for loyalty. Each diamond pattern is enhanced by an ultra-fine powder with a mirror effect. The flora is also in the spotlight at Buccellati with an exceptional series of Cleopatra headlines watches engraved gold.

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