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Doping: the moment of truth for Lance Armstrong

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Doping: the moment of truth for Lance Armstrong

The former cyclist Lance Armstrong he will tell the whole truth?


Admirers and detractors of Lance Armstrong are about to discover the grade and thickness of the king's doping confession stripped of cycling during a televised confession, the first part to be broadcast on Thursday night in the United States.

Without going into details, the famous American host Oprah Winfrey told the 41 year old Texan had confessed his past doped Monday during the recording of their face-to-face.

"Oprah", which many doubt she knew push his guest into a corner, explained that Armstrong "endorsement" responded to questions that "people facing the world" and expressed "surprise "by the way the former cyclist had confessed before his camera.

According to an anonymous source quoted Wednesday by the New York Times, Armstrong "shed tears" during recording. According to another anonymous source in the New York Daily News, the Texan has not shown repentant but conceded trying to denigrate people who refused to close his eyes.

The American explained so long -2h30- in a hotel in Austin (Texas), the city where he resides, that production has decided to spread the spread over two evenings, Thursday and Friday at 9:00 p.m. (Friday and Saturday at 2:00 GMT) in the chain of the host (OWN) in the United States and on its website (

This is the first interview Armstrong since he was stripped of his seven victories in the Tour de France (1999-2005) and struck off for life in October.

Coincidentally, the same day of the televised confessions that the Texan lost another line to his resume sports: Thursday morning, the International Olympic Committee requested it to give the bronze medal against the clock for Games Sydney in 2000.

Complicity to the UCI?

Another coincidence: it is this Thursday as the Tour de France, the race that made him famous, had the start of his career in 2014 in Leeds, England. "No one would have imagined public confessions," acknowledged in passing the Tour director Christian Prudhomme: But "for us, Lance Armstrong is already in the past."

If the public expects details of his involvement in what the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has described as "the most sophisticated doping program in the history of sport", it is not certain that the ex-leader the US Postal make his big unpacking.

Unlikely to hear Armstrong decrypt before "Oprah" preparedness programs from Italian Michele Ferrari, describing the contents of his fridge before major events or evoke the psychological pressure put on some of his teammates that they dope.

It should reserve these details doping authorities in exchange why not a lifetime suspension reduction depriving the competitions, including triathlon.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has further encouraged Tuesday to explain under oath how he could around the controls as long and with what accomplices.

The New York Times, the Texan would be particularly ready to fall with him the former president of the International Cycling Union (UCI), Hein Verbruggen, and its current CEO Pat McQuaid, as well as leaders of the US Postal. But not runners. Although he remembered most likely to Oprah Winfrey that he was not the only dope in the bunch.

"Honest and frank"

In addition to this confession, after fifteen years of fierce denials, the millions of cancer patients and cycling lovers who believed his story would hear the fallen idol few words of apology.

Armstrong, before recording the show, is in fact went to ask forgiveness for employees of Livestrong, the foundation of fight against cancer which he founded in 1997 after defeating the disease, but with which he had cut bridges fall.

Depending on the content of his confession, Armstrong was exposed to lawsuits that could cost him dear.

Called to win premiums and threatened both civil trial for amounts that exceed a total of 10 million euros, the American could also be attacked by former sponsors.

But experts believe that Armstrong, whose fortune flirterait with the 100 million euros, maybe has already entered into settlement agreements, including with the US government to avoid prosecution.

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