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Driver Sleepy Hollow "An entertaining show which looks without complex"

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Driver Sleepy Hollow "An entertaining show which looks without complex"

Sleepy Hollow is one of the novelties of the season on TV shows.


Fox has officially opened the ball of the 2013-2014 season of TV series with a series inspired by a well-known story of viewers: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman. Inspired by a short story by Washington Irving and brought to the big screen in 1999 by Tim Burton, Sleepy Hollow is risky as it is difficult to know whether the serial format can run on this story ..

The summary: in 1781, a battlefield during the War of Independence: Ichabod Crane confronts a mysterious horseman wearing a mask (much in the spirit of one of Hannibal Lecter or executioners of the Middle Ages). After a rather fast combat, Ichabod cut the head of his opponent.

It was then found in an underground cave, to see Ichabod out of the ground, clearly disoriented. He rushes out, finds himself in the middle of a road and lack of being run over by cars: while it is understandable that he woke up in 2013. The song Sympathy For The Devil playing in the background, like an ad upcoming events ...

A little over tans the evening, the sheriff and his Corbin Abbie Mills partner eat a meal in a diner, and then go into a barn to check abnormal activity of horses. They discover the owner's severed head, and fall to the mysterious horseman Ichabod had fought 250 years ago, also head and less. In this confrontation, Corbin will die. Abbie alerts reinforcements, the manhunt is launched, and it is a stray Ichabod in the streets, that will be stopped by the police. Quickly, he will reveal to Abbie he knows the wanted man, since it was he who cut off his head.

Obviously, Ichabod is taken for a fool when he tells his story, and will naturally be sent to the asylum. Note, in flashbacks that illustrate his remarks, one recognizes the Reverend of the Church of the city (we had seen before in the dinner), and we guess that it will play a role in the events.

Abbie is disturbed by the story of Ichabod and volunteered to drive him to the asylum. On the way, she asks him to show him the cave from which he emerged. They also pass the Rev. Ichabod recognize. In the basement, they found a Bible marked chapter of Revelation and the prophecy of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ichabod reveals a mission entrusted to him by Colonel George Washington himself: to kill a mercenary with an arc-shaped mark on the back of the hand, which happens to be Death, one of Riders described in the Bible. Abbie skepticism.

Meanwhile, the Headless Horseman attacks the Reverend (which has magical powers); he refuses to reveal what the search rider, and therefore loses his head (literally). Of course, the reinforcements are called, including Abbie. While she is in charge of the crime scene, Ichabod follows a crow to a tomb, which proves to be that of his wife Katrina. Abbie found him and brought him back to the car.

A asylum, Abbie confides on reason to believe that pushes the explanations Ichabod: small, she and her sister were faced with the supernatural, in the guise of a creature without facing the woods; everyone took to crazy, which ultimately led her sister in a psychiatric hospital. On returning asylum, Abbie through the office of his former partner and discovers that it was investigating hundreds of cases involving mysterious supernatural events - including his own - and trying to find a connection between the cases. She then surprised by her boss, which also gives him a suspicious look.

In the night, Ichabod Katrina has a vision that makes him revelations: she's a witch, her grave behind the church hides the rider's head (guarded by Rev.), Ichabod was related by blood with him, the assembly of witches to which it belongs cast a spell on each of the two men, but someone control the rider and woke him up, he and Ichabod. The mission of our heroes is to prevent the rider to find his head. To help him, he has to find his wife and use the bible of Washington.

Ichabod was just waking up when we try to give him painkillers, but Abbie (who finally believes) saves making it out under false pretenses. She calls her colleague Andy asking for reinforcements to the church where the head is. But Andy is clearly on the side of evil, since the rider is waiting at home. Andy tells him he knows where his head. All this beautiful world is thus found in the cemetery behind the church, which follows a good fight (the rider even swapped his ax for a gun, very Terminator).

Finally, Ichabod was over, the rider fled, and he finally has witnesses to corroborate this story. Andy was detained and asked to speak to the duo. Unfortunately, Abbie beast seen in the woods (the Devil, what) takes speed and kill him, because he has not fulfilled its mission. Abbie and Ichabod arrived in the cell to find Andy to cut throat; in the reflection of the mirror, we see the beast away in the woods on background voice reciting verses from the Book of Revelations, before suddenly attacking back. In the background, return on Sympathy For The Devil.

My opinion: The least we can say is that at the end of the pilot, we know exactly what we will be dealing. The mind is made to differentiate the mythology of the series that developed by Tim Burton, which is a good thing not to be tempted to copy the movie. All issues have arisen, camps are defined, we know that Sleepy Hollow will be the focus of a battle between the forces of Good and Evil. The story is interesting, rhythmic, and oscillates between a "buddy cop" classic and a fantastic series. We do not get bored.

He still has some flaws that plague the driver (and by extension the series), starting with the amount of information that the authors inflict the viewer (see the length of my summary). The complete mythology is revealed at the driver, when it could be spread over 2-3 episodes; we take a lot at once and it's hard to imagine what remains to be discovered later. What saves the series is that it does relatively correctly. Finally, I will issue a doubt about the choice of Nicole Beharie as female lead. However, Tom Mison is impeccable and takes on the role as it should, as Beharie does not strike me really believable, as if the role was too big for his shoulders ...

The Upfronts last May, many had not believed in Sleepy Hollow. However, Fox has managed to attract 10 million viewers and a record of the last six years: the series has managed to intrigue the bet. This driver does not announce a great series, but rather an entertaining show and who looks without complex.

My ratings. 6/10.

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