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Each of its heritage, the new credo of French couples

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Each of its heritage, the new credo of French couples

The share of couples separate property from 6.1% of all married persons in 1992 to 10% in 2010. of Rey

What are the trends in couples? A study published by INSEE on Thursday draws two conclusions: Wedding back and use up the regime of separation of property in those who take the leap.

"The sharing of household goods fell in favor of increasing individualization caused by the decline of marriage and the increased use of property separation regime among married" note and Nicolas Marion Leturcq Frémeaux in the journal Economics and Statistics. According to the authors, "the sharing (partial or total) of property between spouses is now not adopted by a majority of recent couples."

75% of married couples in 2010

First cause, the decline in the number of marriages. In an unmarried couple, goods are de facto separated because the legal community does not exist. In 1992, 90% of French people living in couples were married, they were more than 75% in 2010. Among the couples there are 12 or younger, 70% were married in 1992 and 44% in 2010, according to figures Heritage 1992-2010 survey cited in the review.

Second cause noted by the authors, the evolution of the matrimonial regime chosen by couples. More and more people are opting for the marriage contract before a notary and the regime of separation of property. By couples separation of property has increased from 6.1% of all married persons in 1992 to 10% in 2010, an increase of 64%.

More unstable relationships?

This trend is a "unique historical evolution," the authors argue. For them, it is due to "the instability of relationships (who) probably led people to think more in the short term, which can reduce the commitment in marriage and more generally in the idea of ​​community within marriage. "

Other explanations put forward by the authors: the increase in the weight of the spouses own property because people meet later and more often had a previous marriage or the increase in women's participation rate, which makes them less dependent vis-à-vis their husbands.

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