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EDF seeks other nuclear suppliers Areva

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EDF seeks other nuclear suppliers Areva

Henri Proglio, Chairman of the EDF Board of Directors.

REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

The French electricity giant EDF is looking for other suppliers in the nuclear industry Areva his compatriot to grow, says its CEO Henri Proglio in an interview with the Financial Times published Tuesday. "We need international industrial partnerships who stick with the future of nuclear power, not just a Franco-French offer," says the boss of EDF in an interview published in the financial daily's website.

Besides "of course" its historical supplier Areva reactors (born from the merger of the former Cogema and the former Framatome), EDF wants to expand its range with the British Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom, the Russian Rosatom Russia or "Chinese companies," says Mr. Proglio.

No abandonment of the EPR

These statements come at a time that EDF Monday denied any intention to abandon the third-generation EPR nuclear reactor developed by Areva, as claimed by the French daily La Tribune on funding delays and doubled the site of the invoice EPR EDF in Flamanville (Manche). Besides the Flamanville EPR under construction in Finland and two in China, sales for the time far from the initial hopes of Areva.

Mr Proglio, who had strained relations with the former boss of Areva Anne Lauvergeon, posted this summer a reconciliation with his successor Luc Oursel, arrived at the head of Areva in June. Mr Oursel said that one of his priorities was to improve the treatment of EDF, Areva's main customer with nearly a quarter of sales.

The diversification of supply EDF was illustrated in late September with a mega-order of 1.5 billion euros for steam generators for nuclear power plants of the group: 1.1 billion was returned to Areva, but 400 million to Westinghouse, Toshiba held by the Japanese.

To expand its offerings, Areva is developing with the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries smaller than the EPR reactor (1,600 MW), the TDD, with a capacity of about 1,000 MW.

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