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Experts ... you (M6)

May 24 category:TV
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Experts ... you (M6)

Stephane PLAZA

Cyril Plotnikoff / M6

Stéphane Plaza, Smart dug up that dream patching up apartments and homes for sale throughout the year M 6, exchange trade. Now it embeds the tape in families for cooking. "You go on holiday on a farm in the Drôme for zero euro? I'd be curious to see it," he told the Lafourcade tribe. It sticks to the Basque smala, calls him his tips, experiences and comments on everything. Immersion of a funny kind, interspersed with stories about other cheap holidays specialist ... who sometimes crash. Every week, the presenter and leave the meeting with an expert on good family various plans. Saw the slaughter of this strange envoy and practical ideas from the show, there is a safe bet that this new appointment will quickly find its followers.


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