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Farmer Wants a Wife Season 9: "The issue that puts honey before rednecks"

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Farmer Wants a Wife Season 9: "The issue that puts honey before rednecks"

François presents his cattle: "We will see the little bull ... he fucked like a big sick yesterday but today it is quiet!"


Although the football World Cup is over, Farmer Wants a Wife was challenged by the traditional fireworks Monday, July 14. Yet the issue of M6 out head high in leading the hearings with 4,743,000 viewers.

Love stories always interest in the country as the twittosphere and result in games sometimes funny words, but often cruel.

LeMotPeteChaud The issue that puts honey before rednecks. #ADP

- Mister AL winner (Alguiliguili) July 14, 2014

The trio of Francis, the grain of Franche-Counted fan of Johnny Hallyday, Marie-Paule, the coach makeover and Marine-Line, home life assistant for the elderly, still draw the comments of users. Special mention for the accoutrement of Francis:

The flame cap, denim jacket with the head of Johnny .... STOP #adlp

- Amnesia. (hugxofzayn) July 14, 2014

And to top it all off, a little karaoke Johnny #adlp

- Alice Aubry (LyceAubry) July 14, 2014

After a crazy night of karaoke, Francois takes courage to give Mayor-Line's first kiss Love the ninth season is in the Pre. An initiative welcomed by twittos:

First kiss of #adlp Adventure

- Chachou (chachouslife) July 14, 2014

But Marie-Paule has not left since it was the victim of a dredger at least open a junk the village, which gives him a "I give lollipops to women because in my family, all the world sucks. " What néchappe not escape the sharp eye of Internet users:

"In my family everyone sucks" BUT MDR #adlp

- Amnesia. (hugxofzayn) July 14, 2014

Marissa and Pauline dine at Bertrand, with his mother. While Marissa helps the mother of Bertrand for a soup with sorrel, it is time for the exchange of truths:

I want to share this sentence cult "Love is in pre" heard last night: "There is no sorrel Switzerland" #ADP

- Mame'zelle Ronchon (@ lucile013) July 15, 2014

Car Fan, Bertrand, cereal in the Centre region remains very taciturn, except for inspired metaphors:

"Me I getting stronger but it depends of the curve" ... yes yes yes ... #ADP #lamourestdanslepre #punchline

- Benjamin Melet (BenjaminMelet) July 14, 2014

What Pauline replied:

"We are waiting to see the craft," said one of the contender Mark, next week #ADP

- Sofia (wanewname) July 14, 2014

In turn, the thunderbolt between Thierry and Aurélie continues to operate. The latter wants her to the "children wheelbarrows."

Thierry and Aurélie think make "children wheelbarrows" and live 90 years together. Reminder: they know since 2 days ... # adp

- SousLaRobe (@ herminator71) July 14, 2014

The latter made him presents, including a personalized apron she:

So she sewed "Thierry, Love is in your pre" on an apron. The gift of Father's Day, this plague .... #ADP

- SaloméRainbow? (Salomerainbow) July 14, 2014

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