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For Fillon, "some" need "to explain the situation," the UMP

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For Fillon, "some" need "to explain the situation," the UMP

Former Prime Minister Francois Fillon does not mince words in the columns of Le Parisien. Andrieu

François Fillon responded to cases that were revealed this week in the press and that affect the UMP. The former prime minister said in an interview Sunday Parisien that "some" need "to explain the situation," the UMP after the municipal elections.

If defeated UMP municipal, who bear the responsibility? Jean-Francois Cope, president of the party? "I think we will win the elections. This should not exempt us to question ourselves and for some to explain the situation of our party," responds Francois Fillon.

Records of Patrick Buisson and open criminal investigation into alleged influence peddling by Le Monde revealed Friday they portend adverse municipal elections in the UMP? "I hope not. We have two weeks to rally behind our candidates. Nothing should interfere with the movement in their favor. So I am careful not to comment on the controversy regarding our political family," says the deputy of Paris .

"It's disgusting"

"We are all disgusted by these cases, but I think for the majority of voters, the choice will be based on personalities and local issues, in response to the disastrous government action and the unbearable fiscal oppression" hopes -t it.

The former Prime Minister, however, repeat the adjective he had used on clandestine recordings made ​​by the controversial former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy: "It is disgusting So far I have always kept me away from! these people. The methods they practice and their discourse hurt democracy and goes against the values ​​that I hold. "

"Today, he says, stand away is not enough. We must fight them. These people have no place in a political family like ours."

François Fillon provides about Patrick Buisson he has "crossed once, at the end of the presidential campaign, at a meeting in which he explained ... why would win."

The former Prime Minister also gave his opinion on the government and felt that his successor Jean-Marc Ayrault is "breathless, disqualified by successive setbacks."

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