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"For Sarkozy orphans vote Jean-Francois Cope"

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"For Sarkozy orphans vote Jean-Francois Cope"

POLICY - "Jean-Francois Cope, he never hesitated to get wet, take shots to defend the record of President No one can now say he has not done everything, given everything. for re-election Nicolas Sarkozy. sometimes to the detriment of its image, "said Jolan Kerno. Guay

[Express Yourself] In early August, as part of the campaign for the presidency of the UMP, I launched, with others, the call "Sponsor Sarkozy." This call was then intended to raise sponsorship for Nicolas Sarkozy and to keep him available. This initiative was intended as a token of our eternal gratitude, and as a message to candidates for the "Generation Sarkozy" that emerged is not forgotten.

Nicolas Sarkozy will not attend. I could choose to do nothing but wait patiently for the eventual return of the former president. But being Sarkozy is to act. We, the activists, of orphans, we must choose. After careful consideration, it seems obvious to me to support Jean-Francois Cope. This same Jean-Francois Cope who the former Head of State entrusted the keys of the party, in November 2010, when the UMP was to begin to put in working order for the presidential election.

Sarkozy has always been, I thought, while Nicolas Sarkozy made a mistake, that Jean-Francois Cope would benefit from its new status to serve its own interests. I was wrong. Soon I realized how much the boundless energy of the new Secretary General (reminding me greatly that of a former president of the UMP) party which woke him sadly asleep for months.

While we've lost everything, while the left holds in his hands all the power we need a president of the UMP will be the first of the militants.

During the presidential campaign, Jean-Francois Cope has more than ever we proved that it is this one. Some, too busy scrutinizing their popularity curves, found nothing better to do than to share their moods or hide to protect their images. Jean-Francois Cope, he never hesitated to get wet, take shots to defend the record of the president. No one can now say he has not done everything given to re-elect Nicolas Sarkozy. Sometimes to the detriment of its image. In this, there's Sarkozy in Cope.

There are a couple of weeks, when some were careful to distance with Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Francois Cope said that in case of return of the former president, it would be held in his sides. This statement, full of panache, goes to the heart of sarkozystes I am.

Finally, do not be wrong due. No, the election of the UMP president is not the first round of the primary in 2017. The president will be elected in November will not have to stand still to avoid the erosion of his popularity, should not fear of shaking. The President will be elected must be courageous and dynamic, to prepare the reconquest and conduct a strong opposition and constructive face to the follies and excesses of the Socialists.

Because he fought to Nicolas Sarkozy, because he defended bravely, I say easily, I, orphan Sarkozy: President need the UMP is what leader The team that has put the UMP on track. This is the man who conquered the popular town of Meaux and alleviates the National Front. This is the man who will lead us, victory after victory to the reconquest of each piece of France that we have left to the left. This man, who, in the tradition of Nicolas Sarkozy, embodies the uninhibited right, proud of its history, which does not compromise its values. This man is undoubtedly Jean-Francois Cope!

By Jolan KERNO, UMP activist and the Internet Express.

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