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Forcing the government to re-inflate the wind

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Forcing the government to re-inflate the wind

On the merits, the amendments tabled at the last minute and defended by EELV aim to facilitate the installation of wind turbines in France.

REUTERS / Nigel Roddis

"Do not turn to 2am on weekends France in a huge fan." This is enraged that Martial Saddier, UMP deputy, left the meeting that night when voting for a project of the Energy Act. Around 2 am, the order of the discussion has been modified to consider government amendments designed to facilitate the development of wind power in France and overseas territories. Quite unusually, the UMP but the Centre and the Left Front have left the Chamber in protest against what they consider a passage in force. "Let us not getting how cavalierly some amendments not reflected to satisfy a few individuals or industrial interests," including exploded André Chassaigne the Left Front

On the merits, the amendments tabled at the last minute and defended by EELV aim to facilitate the installation of wind turbines in France. In addition to removing development zones in wind, they returned to the rule of the 5 poles, which means that in France a park contains at least 5 wind turbines to prevent urban sprawl. They also provide for derogations from the rules of the coastal law Overseas often preventing the construction of wind turbines in those territories.

A market of fuel

Environmentalists and advocates of renewable energy, the victory is huge. Because for some time, the wind energy market in France his tongue. Partly because there is less public money, but not only. With the Grenelle environmental conditions to build wind farms in France have tightened. In addition to the rule of 5 masts, the law has added administrative links making the construction of highly complex machinery: between building permits, authorizations for the system of ICPE (installations classified for environmental protection), the demand for ZDE the prefect, it takes between 6 and 8 years for a wind turbine in France.

"In fact, every administrative authorization, add an appeal possible," says Damien Mathon, the Renewable Energy Association. To opponents of wind, these remedies are so many possibilities to extend or block the projects in progress, to the point that bankers are increasingly reluctant to lend today for wind projects. Recently, a complaint "anger Wind" also asked the ECJ the cancellation of the order setting the electricity purchase conditions in France, blocking a little more in the market.

Thus, since 2010, the pace of new plants collapsed: 1200 MW in 2010, 875 in 2011 and 600 expected in 2012. This is far from the objectives set by the Grenelle since, to reach the promised 19,000 MW in 2020, it would take an average build 1400 MW per year.


This is also to address the "urgency" of the situation and avoid job losses in the industry that these amendments have been tabled by Delphine Batho, the environment minister. Still, for many members, the method is more than questionable: "How can we discuss the future of wind power in France between 2 and 3 am after a special session It is still not trivial these masts of 30 to 50 meters high that arise in our campaigns, "as well Martial Saddier storm, which denounces the use of a" legislative rider ". The parliamentary session was indeed dedicated to the issue of tariff escalation of energy - much criticized by the right- and not that of the wind, which means that these amendments have not been debated in committee or subject to an impact assessment. "It's unpleasant to say for an MP, but fortunately the Senate will restore order in all this," said Martial Saddier. Carried by the Brottes member of the Assembly, the bill, which has not endorsed the Communists, could highlight transfigured by its passage in the Senate. It could also be retoquer by the Constitutional Council, used to drive the legislative riders ...

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