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Four Apps for culture in the pocket

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Four Apps for culture in the pocket

Never without my smartphone!

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  • Urban Pulse


This app also identifies many young designers shows that underground music festival. Concerts, movies, shows, she geolocates all mainstream or staggered events, such as exposure Beyond the street art, the museum of the Post Office (until March 30), where one can discover the creations signed Banksy, Shepard Fairey or Miss.Tic. Also available in Rennes, Strasbourg, Lyon, etc.

The app displays the best route to get to your destination (on foot or by public transport) and indicates the availability of Vélib ', Autolib' and taxi stands.

Free for iPhone and Android.

  • MyBoox


With this app, just scan the barcode of a novel to be immediately immersed in the world of its author: discovering his biography, criticism and sometimes even video interviews. Originality? The recommendations of its members. More than 20 000 fans give their opinion as well on Corpses of the blogger Penelope Bagieu than 1Q84 Murakami.

As a teaser, 10,000 book excerpts. Once addicted to a title, you can order it from the app.

Free for iPhone and soon for Android.

  • SoundHound

Like the cult Shazam, the app recognizes in a few seconds, the title of a song on the radio or in a bar, and enables you to acquire it in digital format. Outperforms its competitor, it will even be able to identify the air you hum it. Bluffing.

Artists videos and tweets related to the news of the latter. Practice for dates of their upcoming concerts.

Free lite version for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Full version, about 6 euros.

  • CultureClic

With its impressive collection of images available in augmented reality, this app turns Paris into a true outdoor museum. There simply point their smartphone to the Champs-Elysées to bring up the first aerial photograph taken of the avenue in 1889 by Nadar from a balloon. Or an array of academic painter Jean Beraud. The app contains over 900 high resolution images, treasures from the funds of the National Library of France and the RMN.

Sheets 1350 museums throughout France, all geolocated.

Free for iPhone.

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