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France Culture Happy Birthday!

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France Culture Happy Birthday!

Good unniversaire France Culture. Tu ojourd'hui 5O years, and I will hécoutes deupuis my anfance, it is hécoutan tail radio I apppris lyre and even ékrire! Such as the BBC, you is kontre rempars the iniorance. I loved the show partikulièrement "Pull your tongue," the linguistic, it's super important to lunguistic, the nerd words. Every morning I ékoute information with you: Marc Voinchet it aprends me to heal. You would be much better than TV, TV karla is that images, while tail thou art the way too. In short I wipe tail happy for you you made your 50 years. It is the only country in the world to something as smart to put in the tooth (the ear), and how you, Radio, you always assume that we are able to understand is a deep respect for what we are. I like the voices that arise and take the time to ask me the time, in fact, the best time to see that the company is not just a cream on milk, and that it has things under the skin milk, a world of facts, things and ideas are subtle. I love the joy that you put in the culture, the true, the one that galvanizes you and makes you see the world, not as an enemy of my peace, but as the curiosity partner. My family had no money, no entries in the seraglio of the happy few, no title and no roots in France. But France, it was you, the outstretched hand of knowledge. In short, happy birthday. You are my longest love story. Thou hast transformed, may you do it again for those who one day discover you ...

Sophie Fontanel

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