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"Francois Hollande was a good candidate, not a good leader"

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"Francois Hollande was a good candidate, not a good leader"

POLICY - "What is a leader someone to whom all eyes turn when things go wrong?" Said Gerard-Pendaries.


  • What is a good candidate?

He who knows concoct sixty promises so that they target a maximum of voters while satisfying their wishes.

  • What is a leader?

He who knows, among the sixty promises, select only essential, and set the course. He, too, is where all eyes turn when things go wrong.

  • Fran├žois Hollande is it a good candidate?

The best!

  • Is he a good leader?

I Will Not! Because it can neither choose nor the priorities set the course. Because it seems that the eyes turn away from him even before it goes bad.

  • France, she needs a leader?

It is not certain! Because of the Fifth Republic and his presidential principle, France has no more than the name. Because France is changing towards a kind of sixth Republic where powers are diluted (if preferred shared) between regions, intermediate bodies (unions), parliament, government and president.

The French have instead opted by 3.3 point difference for this evolution, the presidential profile Hollande seems at best correspond to this. Remains to be seen if in difficult times, such a mixing of powers and priorities will be likely to drive the boat safely France ... The figures enlighten us: they are inflexible indicators.

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