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Fred Vargas led a furious Army

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Fred Vargas led a furious Army

Fred Vargas, 2011

Editions Viviane Hamy / Louise Oligny

It's like the French writers rebelled. After suffering the onslaught of foreign novelists for several months, Frenchies are found in May at the head of our list in a fratricidal struggle. With, in the first climber, the intrepid Fred Vargas, whose great thriller, The furious Army (Viviane Hamy) arises, with five days of sale and 60 000 copies purchased, at the top of the podium. Behind her, Marc Levy, The Curious travel with Mr. Daldry (Robert Laffont), whose success is undeniable (120,000 copies sold since April 21). Third of the charts, Guillaume Musso clings more than well (The Call of the angel, XO, 225,000 copies). Further, in 5th place, but with a collection of stories, which is all the more meritorious, appears academician Jean-Christophe Rufin (Seven Stories returning from afar, Gallimard, 13,000 copies); Françoise Chandannagar back from 10th to 7th place with the first volume of his trilogy, The Children of Alexandria (Albin Michel, 38 000), closely followed by Jean Teulé and delicious Charly 9 (Julliard, 86,000 copies). Finally, bringing up the rear of the Top 20, here Maxime Chattam (Requiem of the Abyss, Albin Michel, 15,000 copies sold since May 4), Laurent Gaude and his collection of short stories (Les Oliviers Negus, Actes Sud, 6500 copies ) ... and a young man, Jean Giono, whose novel The Apricot Kernel and other stories (Grasset) attracted some 3,500 readers in about ten days.

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Not many changes from the side testing, still led by the nonagenarian star of this year 2011, Stéphane Hessel) outrage!, Native Editions, 2 million copies!), If not the biography that the journalist Michel Taubman was devoted to the "star" of New York, The Roman true of Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Editions du Moment) opportunely out May 5 Verdict: 3,800 copies sold for most since "the case". Another notable entry, that of the big biography specialist of the author of Journey to the End of the Night, Henri Godard, publishes on Céline (Gallimard): 1 000 copies in two days. Not bad for a reprobate!

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