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Frédérique Bel, "I am fond of those women"

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Frédérique Bel, "I am fond of those women"

Frédérique Bel is currently starring in "What we did to God" and "The list of my desires."


Revealed in The blonde Minute, Canal +, Frédérique Bel is showing the hit movie What we did to God? And interprets an old Country Girl in the list of my preferences, Didier The Fisherman. The opportunity to propose a lotto interview, ten questions drawn at random from among 49 possible.

1 / "Women are sexy when they are strong" Are you agree or disagree?

Of course! I would say that it is because a woman is sexy she feels strong. Today, femininity has become a power. Every woman is a superhero who sometimes are unaware.

9 / If you were someone else, you would be ...

Beyonce to sing the girl power in jersey with sequins around the world, but with my body and brain Boris Cyrulnik!

11 / What question are we asked you the most?

"Are you really blonde?" I always answer yes to morons, I would not want them spinning complex ... Ditto for misogynist. Who are morons.

12 / If you were a journalist, what new question do you ask?

From a quantum perspective, would you rather live in the lap of brutalizing our society or in the non-linearity of kairos such as define Jankélévitch or Heidegger? The answer is in the kairos because few people know it exists!

15 / Chanel said: "A woman who loves is ruined ..."

I say: a woman who loves is "damn good" because, suddenly, she takes care of it ... Do not love men, but love.

43 / Would you pass on your knowledge?

I followed studying to become a French teacher, I would have loved sharing my passion for poetry ... But I've always wanted a little to teachers to sacrilege analyzes of works that had upset me.

8 / Would you invest in an NGO?

There are four years old, my neighbor, a pharmacist, lost her daughter because of an undiagnosed liver disease. She asked me to be the "near godmother" of liver disease Children Association (AMFE), for which I did a spot Minute Blonde, which was approved by the Ministry of Health, and has since used for a national campaign.

22 / Rather boys or girls friends girlfriends?

I am fond of those women, I never feel in competition ... even if I suffered and often laments. I like souls, no matter the envelope. I am Buddhist.

13 / Bristol club sandwich or McDonalds on Champs?

I come from the gutter, Miss ... anything goes when I'm hungry!

14 / In a very long time you leave this world. How the 20 hours it makes you recognize?

The presenter would say, "Let us her moving adaptation, yet metaphysics, Nietzsche's quote in The blonde Minute: 'This does not tear me makes me more elastic". And pass an excerpt from a film by Emmanuel Mouret.

Supplementary question: Are you the poster for The list of my desires, what are your desires actress?

My dream is to play them bitches, the dominating brown, human cruelty is enjoyable to interpret! And also bipolar mothers ...

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