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Germany: Five key sectors identified by Ubifrance

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Germany: Five key sectors identified by Ubifrance

Mobile, wind and photovoltaic, spirits, habitat and Deco, plastics ...: promising sectors in the German market, according to Ubifrance



Once difficult to tackle, the German telephone market was opened to competition. Smartphones and mobile Internet experience exponential growth. With over 114 million active SIM cards, Germany is one of Europe's locomotives for mobile phones: it moved up to second place after the UK for mobile data services, with a market valued at € 8.2 billion for 2012.

Wind and solar energy

Germany is among the world leaders in wind power and as the world leader in photovoltaics. With the release of scheduled nuclear by 2022, the government tends to strengthen activities in these two sectors.


Our German neighbor is the first market to import spirits in the world. Over 55% of spirits are imported. In 2011, Germany spirits imports increased both in value (+ 7.5%) and volume (+ 3%). The diversity of the French offer in this sector is recognized.

Habitat / Decoration

Germany is a country with high purchasing power. The decoration-housing sector generated revenues of € 30.4 billion for 2011, an increase of 3% compared to 2010. For 2012, we expect a further increase in consumption in this sector. German policy makers and specifiers are showing great interest in the French offer in the high-end home-decor.


Germany is the second largest producer of plastics and the first market in the field of transformation. The overall turnover of the plastics industry (processing, packaging, machinery, etc.) is about 74 billion euros.

(Source: Ubifrance)

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