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Gifted adults how to recognize them?

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Gifted adults how to recognize them?

Adult gifted tend to develop a "false self" that is to say a facade personality that integrates up the standard.

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Gifted, you probably have around you, but you may have never thought to identify them as such. No doubt you know someone who fascinates you with his knowledge, charm you with its brilliance and his impertinence or annoy you with lengthy explanations swarming details, or you interrupt with questions that seem unrelated. You may be intrigued, however, by restraint and silence of a loved one. You find curious that he does not participate in the conversation, while seeming not to miss a beat, with an intense gaze on the speakers and a comment if relevant suddenly it flips an innocuous exchange in reflection of an unexpected depth.

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There is certainly also in your surroundings an inveterate grumbler who is never happy about himself, others, and how will the world, which is that people do not understand anything, we goes straight into the wall and that if we followed his ideas, everything would be much better, obviously. You will probably already met someone who you appeared hypersensitive, deeply concerned subjects far away from your daily life, easily anxious over what she saw and did not disturb you so much for him, someone who often said he is not going to happen and that seems to complicate the task by an attention to detail that borders on excessive perfectionism to you.

Adults who disturb

In short, the gifted are not that children who attract attention when they have learning difficulties incomprehensible in view of their potential. They are also adults who often live lag in their professional universe as staff. But is that they are the ones that exclude or marginalize their great sensitivity, compelling sense of justice, their noisy rejection of hypocrisy and pretense, silence on the absurdity of things or their sarcasm when they are tired to be quiet? Or is it that it is the others who do not work on the same level, have the greatest difficulty in integrating, accept their differences and not to feel devalued, although this is the last thing generally desired to the gifted?

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However, they do everything to be like the others

The great problem of the latter, which since the pincer childhood is indeed trying to have a maximum air as everyone, not to add to get noticed, except perhaps in horseplay and nonsense and there, his intelligence to clown will make it acceptable in the eyes of his comrades.

It thus tends to develop a "false self" that is to say a personality facade that incorporates maximum standard, that of his family education, the school or the relationships with others, such he perceives them. He puts all his talent and it is only in cases of obvious failure that takes refuge in aggressiveness, reverie, silence or self-destructive behavior in response to a world that he not understand and do not seem to understand all the efforts made to comply.

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