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Holland should he be afraid of Mélenchon?

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Holland should he be afraid of Mélenchon?

When Jean-Luc Mélenchon rises in the polls, Francois Hollande down. After the demonstration of the Bastille Left Front on Sunday should the Socialist candidate replicate to stay afloat?

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Bastille before walking on Solferino? The Left Front has mobilized on Sunday, tens of thousands of people in Paris. A show of force for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who wants to weigh ever left.

Socialists ensure that this movement supports the entire opposition. "What happened yesterday at the Bastille is Judge Benoît Hamon, called Monday on France Inter. (...) When the left is fit, the PS spokesman's happy." Manuel Valls, RTL, is on the same line: "I am delighted every time the left is strong, it manifests its mobilization, enthusiasm, desire for change." Francois Hollande, he avoids engaging and ensures that it is a candidate "to win" and not to "make a hullabaloo."

The push Mélenchon yet is worrying the Socialists. The second left candidate now exceeds 10% of the vote in most polls. While some studies place Hollande second in the first round, behind Nicolas Sarkozy, the UMP some see the former socialist as the savior of their candidate, "This is our best ally against Holland enjoys a minister quoted by Le Parisien. He must gleans maximum points. If it goes up again, it will make him a statue. "

Mélenchon helpful vote against the

"Pedal boat captain", "Hollandréou" ... The Left Party's founder did not mince words against his rival the PS. But he denies being the idiot useful to Nicolas Sarkozy: "I am his most implacable adversary," he has proclaimed March 13 on RFI. He constantly reminded that he made of Marine Le Pen's favorite target.

What does he say to the argument of helpful vote brandished by the PS? "It is wrong to think that, when you are first in the first round, we won, says the former Socialist Friday In 1995, Lionel Jospin was in front of Jacques Chirac. - And he lost in 1981, François Mitterrand. was behind Giscard d'Estaing and [he] finished before! " His voters also seem to ready the rally. They would vote to 90% for Hollande in the second round, according to Ifop-Fiducial study -when those of Eva Joly, themselves, are contemplating to 78%.

Arm Holland Mélenchon iron can still turn against the former Socialist: 22% of voters could change their minds by April 22 in favor of the PS candidate, according to the study. They are only 6% still consider the opposite. Brandishing the specter of defeat, Francois Hollande can he bring back mélenchonistes in her lap?

According to you, Jean-Luc Mélenchon it is an asset or a poison for the campaign François Hollande? He promotes the gathering of the left or weakens it?

What should the Socialist candidate? Stay on the same line, or to campaign further to the left?
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