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How Manuel Valls is preparing its oral exam

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How Manuel Valls is preparing its oral exam

Prime Minister Manuel Valls will deliver a policy speech géénrale the Assembly Tuesday, April 8


A week after being named prime minister Francois Hollande, replacing Jean-Marc Ayrault, Manuel Valls will enter this week in the hard of the subject. The new tenant Matignon Tuesday, April 8 will deliver his policy speech in the National Assembly.

"My state of mind is to appease. This is not to make a keynote speech, we are not at the beginning of five years, we must respond to the economic emergency and social emergency. I want to go to the essential, to create conditions of trust, "said the Prime Minister to the Sunday Journal.

After the crushing defeat of the Socialists in municipal elections, Manuel Valls is known waited by the French. The new prime minister took office without the state of grace: 41% of French only declaring trust him against 47% saying not to trust him, according to political observatory CSA for Les Echos and classic Radio published Thursday, April 3.

"Overflow tax"

It is on the job he is expected in the first place: 69% of French ask him to reverse the unemployment curve and 34% to "reduce taxes on individuals," according to a poll Ifop for the JDD published Sunday. Then come the demand for "negotiating with Brussels on deficit reduction rhythms" (22%) and that of "find the 50 billion savings planned in the Pact of responsibility" (20%).

"The sense of injustice is prégnant, the ravages of higher taxes for four years are very important. The French have had enough of the overflow of taxes," analyzes the Prime Minister in the columns of JDD. Manuel Valls has developed the frame of his speech, his team is in charge of writing. What will he say? "It will take me clarify, I will pronounce a concrete discourse. The main areas of responsibility pact and the broad budgetary guidelines will be presented," he says.

Manuel Valls, considered "left" by only 27% of French, will have to deal with a rebellious majority intends to lend a braquet left to government policy. 86 various socialist parliamentarians had signed on Saturday a "majority agreement", text that is to weigh to Parliament on government policy. This text, initiated after the municipal debacle, announces that "Parliament's time has come" and that a "dialogue with the new government is committed now."

Fronde socialist parliamentarians

Signatories include notably Laurence Dumont, Senior Vice President of the Assembly, Christian Eckert, general rapporteur for the Budget, Presidents of Commission and Catherine Lemorton (Social Affairs), the member Catherine Contello (President of the Assembly delegation National women's rights), the Pierre-Alain MP Mute, representatives of the left wing (Guillaume Balas, Jerome Guedj, Pascal Cherki, etc), relatives of Martine Aubry (Christian Paul, Jean-Marc Germain), the members of the People's Left (Philippe Doucet, François Kalfon).

The signatories want to first "get a European reorientation putting an end to austerity policies that have pushed Europe into recession", with "implement sustainable fiscal trajectory, consistent with the return of growth and decline unemployment. The budgetary trajectories imposed on States and the Union, without distinguishing the nature of expenses, are not taboo. It is urgent to revisit them. The Commission must finally change course, "says the text.

Then "focus public resources on the actual job creation and thus intensify the productive recovery. For this, substitute a national pact of investment, negotiated down to the business, the more costly measures and unconditionally now envisaged in the pact of responsibility. " The authors also claim "measures in favor of low wages, tax reform and progressive CSG, the effort in favor of more modest pensions."

Stretched to the Greens

In the JDD, Manuel Valls promises "to closely involve Parliament" to his action. Concerning the refusal of environmentalists to participate in his government, the Prime Minister says "sorry" that choice. But he wants to continue to reach out to them, "if they remain in the majority in voting trust, they will be more involved the majority, the larger it will be effective." Said the tenant of Matignon, who will spend her next hours to appropriate Tuesday's speech.

Federal Council met in Saturday, the Greens have assumed their refusal to participate in government, but Valls already dreaming of returning to power. "I tell you, we will return one day to the government, not to please us, but because France needs to ecology and ecology, we need environmentalists," said National Secretary of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV), Emmanuelle Cosse. Environmentalists "are intended" to "exercise the power to take another course in the history of our country", also said the former minister of housing Cécile Duflot.

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