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How Sarkozy has found the recipe for winning podium every time

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How Sarkozy has found the recipe for winning podium every time

Nicolas Sarkozy published a long forum on Europe in Le Point to three days but the European 25 2014.

REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes

It took several weeks to Nicolas Sarkozy's entourage to find the perfect recipe, one that would concoct a winning podium every time, the UMP won the European or the FN ahead of the main opposition party.

The idea of ​​such an intervention is as old as municipal. Two days before the first round, Nicolas Sarkozy gives a full page in Le Figaro to criticize the treatment that justice holds. "From the beginning, we knew that the fault of the letter of Figaro was that it was self-centered, L'Express says a relative of Nicolas Sarkozy. We already knew he needed a new intervention in Media "to balance this self-centered purpose.

Future European offer excellent launch window. The same issue of Europe is an area at the height of the experience of the former head of state-and former president of the European Union in 2008-and its future ambitions. This is an area in which we do politics, the big, not small comment.

"Redo the scope of municipal"

But soon, polls give the National Front and the UMP elbow to elbow. The objective is not to sign an appeal to vote right at the European but the involvement of the former head of state in the campaign with a platform inevitably bind his fate to results announced Sunday, May 25 He himself was so pleased with the success of his letter published in Le Figaro before the municipal he can not suddenly slip away in defeat to European.

"He's dying to get involved, to write a new forum to redo the shot municipal. But he knows that a win the FN will be read as a defeat for him," said the end of April a regular visitor .

May 8, Francois Hollande publishes an article in Le Monde. Obviously, Nicolas Sarkozy did not lose a beat. It is not up to the situation, he considers. The president responds primarily to the rise of the extreme right and Euroscepticism.

Talking about the 2017 Europe instead of May 25, 2014

From there, thinking in Nicolas Sarkozy's entourage is accelerating. How to prevent the risk of the double FN UMP? Spanning European. The forum will not speak of the vote but will list for thought for the future of Europe. Not Europe of 25 May 2014, instead of May 2017, after the next presidential election.

The benefits of such a strategy are numerous. Nicolas Sarkozy is the inverse of Francois Hollande. It exposes a European mini-program with specific measures and moves out of the upcoming election. If the FN wins, his entourage will say that it does not change what it offers in its stand -in contrast because Nicolas Sarkozy is careful not to talk about the rise of the extreme right. And if the UMP wins, he exultantly exclaim.

Heads I win. Face, you lose.

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