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How to choose a martial art?

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How to choose a martial art?

FORM - To choose your martial art, you need to consider your motivation and possible back pain.


It all depends on your motives

There are enough martial arts to satisfy the desires of everyone. For inner balance and respect your body, go for the tai chi or qi gong. More physical, aikido retains this spiritual development dimension. In general, the martial arts taught by a teacher have the advantage of combining physical and mental preparation with a transmission philosophy of discipline. This is particularly the case of karate or judo. Those who want to learn to defend themselves turn to karate and its many variants, the krav maga, ju-jitsu and kung fu. For more nervous wanting to spend and sweating profusely, register for a course Capoeira, taekwondo or Thai boxing.

And if you've never done martial arts?

If you have never practiced martial arts and even sports, know that the best solution is to test several before making your choice. Most clubs offer test sessions to briefly explore the basics. There is no simpler martial art to learn when starting from scratch. Please be aware that there are similarities between the martial arts and you can change by changing discipline over the years.

I'm a little sore back

Avoids the martial arts that involve many falls as aikido, judo or wrestling. The disciplines that multiply the jumps are also banned. Taekwondo viet vo dao and are a little discouraged. Favour boxes or some kung fu variants. And for older or who lack flexibility, the solutions are called boxing or shou bo.

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