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If Arnaud Lagardère was the manager of the year 2011?

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If Arnaud Lagardère was the manager of the year 2011?

Arnaud Lagardère sold its international press center in Hearst for 651 million euros.


Lagardère Active, Lagardère subsidiary, sold to Hearst's international press for € 651 million in cash - and 100 million in royalties and options on real estate. Analysts had forecast between 450 and 700 million euros. It is a success.

Back to the reasons for this sale:

She is the first global brand release female magazine with international leaders spaces in most Western countries. The newspaper including second class in the UK, third in the US. But, above all, to Vogue in all sectors: distribution, readers and advertising pages.

Similarly, the digital activities of the group account for almost 10% of its turnover in 2010 - against 1% in 2006. This is also the growth that has demonstrated that Hearst Lagardère brands are part permanently in the digital .

Lagardère Active has demonstrated in recent years that it was indeed present also in the conquest of other sources of income. Two examples: the perennial presence in Russia and China and the development of solutions Licensing and e-commerce in Japan and throughout Asia.

To enroll in the global competition, Lagardère Active has reduced costs and streamlined its portfolio. Many titles were sold or closed. All work of "storage" allowed a rate of return sharply over 2010 compared to 2009. This performance is unanimously recognized. She explains in part the amount paid by Hearst in this transaction. The nominal value for the sale was 49 million, it has been multiplied by 15. And that is indeed the Internet that gave this surplus value to the clipboard!

This valuation shows that Hearst believes in the recovery of advertising investments in the magazine market in the stabilization of the spread and the continuing transformation undertaken by the management of the French group. This is also a form of recognition of the quality of this management.

Who gets the credit?

The answer is to Arnaud Lagardère. Arnaud Lagardère that has entrusted in 2006 to the presidency of Didier Quillot Lagardère Active to lead this transformation plan. And chose Dominique Dhinin the perfect timing to make the transaction.

Remains why the group has sold as many titles that seemed profitable, except to anticipate investments in digital and in sport after reducing debt.

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