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IMF: Lagarde spends his oral exam

October 17 category:Economy
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IMF: Lagarde spends his oral exam

Christine Lagarde should detail his vision of an IMF "responsive, cooperative, legitimate and fair."

REUTERS / Yuri Gripas

After bilateral meetings Wednesday, Christine Lagarde Thursday to pass the oral exam before the Board of the International Monetary Fund in Washington. His hearing is scheduled with the 24 members of the body that will decide the name of the successor to Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Questioned by AFP at his institution's exit on Wednesday to see if she was confident before this appointment, she replied: "Always!" It must also meet on Thursday the Secretary of the US Treasury, Timothy Geithner, in his ministry.

In Washington, during his hearing, "each candidate will present his views on the issues facing the Fund and its member states, and administrators can have exchanges with the candidates," had said the institution Monday. The rival Christine Lagarde, the Mexican Agustin Carstens, has already folded this exercise Tuesday. In his opening statement, he pleaded for the IMF to increased permanent resources, impartial, better representing the emerging economies to its Board of Directors, and open to the public debt restructuring in a crisis.

To believe his talks with the press or Internet and cover letter for the job, Dominique Lagarde will detail his side his vision of an IMF "responsive, cooperative, legitimate and fair." She expressed on Twitter partisan of a "mild liberalism." The oral exam is the final stage of a campaign that led the two candidates in the four corners of the planet. Since June 1, the governor of the Bank of Mexico went successively in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India, went through Washington and then went to China and Japan.

Since May 30, the French economy minister visited Brazil, India, China, Portugal for the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank and Saudi Arabia and then Egypt. This is the first time that two leading candidates for the IMF as wide campaign. In 2007, Dominique Strauss-Kahn had been the first to have the idea to go to multiple capitals, not just in Washington. She had given him a decisive advantage over his Czech rival Josef Tosovsky, remained invisible.

Decision taken on 30 June at the latest

A woman and 23 men, representing their country or group of countries, are responsible for designating "consensus" or, failing by a vote, the new number one. They scheduled a formal discussion of the two candidates on June 28 and expect to have made their decision on 30 at the latest. Although the major non-European member states have not yet officially taken a position, Christine Lagarde is widely favorite, according Agustin Carstens himself. It would be the first woman in that position. Since 1946, a tacit agreement gives Europe the leadership of the IMF and the US presidency of the World Bank.

The legal troubles of the French Minister resurfaced Wednesday morning with the announcement of the opening of a new investigation into the record of arbitration rendered in favor of Bernard Tapie in the disputed sale of Adidas by Crédit Lyonnais in 1993. This announcement, minimized in the entourage of the Minister, is distinct from the proceedings before the Court of Justice of the Republic who must decide on July 8 if it opens an investigation "abuse of authority" to Christine Lagarde in her Management of the same dispute.

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