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In Martinique, the faultless Serge Letchimy

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In Martinique, the faultless Serge Letchimy

Serge Letchimy, Fort-de-France mayor, Delivers a Speech at the Fort-de-France city hall on the Caribbean island of Martinique, on January 10, 2010, partner after the vote for the referendum on the constitutional status and exchange in Martinique and the French South American territory of Guiana. Nearly 79 percent of Voters on the Caribbean island of Martinique Said no to more autonomy, while the result Was Almost 70 percent in Guiana, the tropical South American territory wedged entre Brazil and Suriname.


The public life of Serge Letchimy does not look like a novel, it begins in a novel. In 1992, Patrick Chamoiseau actually the Christ figure of his novel Texaco, which won the Prix Goncourt. The writer was inspired by the work of the planner, made the head of the development company of Fort-de-France (SEMAFF).

Even then, Serge Letchimy imagine the city of tomorrow. For if he was born in the heart of the island, Gros Morne, it is in the capital of Martinique, where his mother was a seamstress "down" to move to the end of the 50s, his destiny play.

The future president of the region entered politics with the Progressive Party of Martinique (PPM) in the canton of Dillon, a popular district of Fort-de-France, where he was elected councilor in 1992. But it was not until 2001 that really discovers Martinique Serge Letchimy: knighted by Aimé Césaire, who retires after half a century of political life, he becomes mayor of Fort-de-France ... To the chagrin of some caciques of MPCs that do not forgive him. Like the current President of the General Council, Claude Lise, who will even turn away from progressive to form his own party, the RDM.

These separatist movements are a first test for Serge Letchimy, which sees split the progressive party which he had assumed the presidency in 2005, succeeding once again, to Césaire legend. But he crossed the barrier. To run out of little victory in the first round during the 2007 legislative elections.

Soon, the deputy mayor of Fort-de-France appears as the only capable of blocking the road to independence President of the Region, Alfred Marie-Jeanne. Especially since he captured a victory at the ballot box during the consultation on the institutional future of Martinique in January. In the process, not surprisingly, he became head of the list of progressive regional and led them to victory. Yet no question of resting on its laurels. At 57, Serge Letchimy now tackling the biggest project of his life: the establishment of a single community of Martinique to replace the next two or three years the department and the region.


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