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In the Assembly, Jacob's supporters are sure of his victory over Bertrand

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In the Assembly, Jacob's supporters are sure of his victory over Bertrand

GROUPS UMP - Christian Jacob is favorite to take his own succession to the head of the UMP group in the National Assembly in front of Xavier Bertrand and Hervé Gaymard.


"Did-I look worried?" Smiled a devotee of Jean-Francois Cope. Despite the numerous contacts made by Xavier Bertrand the last 48 hours, relatives of Christian Jacob can not believe the re-election of their favorite is shirk. They claim a hundred votes in their favor, the majority of members who vote in the late morning on Wednesday. The census listed 80 bertrandistes in early afternoon Monday. Hervé Gaymard gathered the remaining twenty votes.

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All these calculations are obviously not set in stone. Voting shall be by secret ballot and geography of votes is sometimes difficult to grasp. "Some say yes to everyone," recounts a connoisseur of such election. But in November 2010, when he had to take over from Jean-Francois Cope, Christian Jacob's entourage was right in the breakdown of support even before the vote. Finally, "we must not forget that he was elected president of the Young Farmers. So the internal elections, he knows," recalled a relative.

The Seine-et-Marne MP is well positioned to re-enlist at the head of the group, although its influence on his colleagues has never been as important as that of his predecessor, Jean-Francois Cope. What weighs in its favor, it is precisely the desire of the UMP not to engage in the struggle for the head of the UMP today.

"Jacob, without notes, he is lost."

So the rumor that Nicolas Sarkozy would have supported Xavier Bertrand in his bid to run for the head of the UMP, have annoyed several parliamentarians. "Feathered hats should never interfere in a group of election," warns a part of the party. François Fillon has also been careful not to show his support for Xavier Bertrand. Also because he does not want to be associated with a loss in what is, despite everything that can tell the right leaders, the first round of the battle to be conducted until next November congress.

Evidence that this election is not an internal ballot, a UMP deputy reelected no end not rail against the victory of Christian Jacob, who drew late Tuesday afternoon: "It makes me c. .. For this kind of position, we need a great speaker, able to return to the left. Jacob, without notes, he is lost. "

It also does not envisage Jacob Presidency point of watching curiously the whole new group of Jean-Louis Borloo, formed with members of the New Center. Not sure that life will be more peaceful.

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