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Intelligence: Sawyer shy back from Lost in Jack Bauer 2.0

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Intelligence: Sawyer shy back from Lost in Jack Bauer 2.0

Josh Holloway, known for his role as Sawyer on Lost, and Meghan Ory are the headliners of the new police series CBS Intelligence.


Winter Back oblige, the American series also are back on the air. Among those returning and new small that launch, difficult to navigate. Among the many new features, CBS launches Intelligence series of action and science fiction created by Michael Seitzman. The pitch is pretty simple. Gabriel, the main character, is a super-agent, since it has been implanted with a chip nanotechnology allowing it direct access to all forms of technology without the need for interface. Handy for watching the weather or spy on private photos of people, this gift is especially useful and provided the basis to thwart terrorist threats.

The series begins on the arrival of Riley, a pretty young woman who does not look like much but a priori which proves to be a formidable bodyguard. Working in the security service of the US President, she is reassigned despite the protection of Gabriel, too valuable to the government and has strong tendencies to insubordination. Riley will accompany our hero through his missions for the government.

Gabriel is played by Josh Holloway sculptural, famous Sawyer from Lost, which finally comes to the forefront of a series. Riley is played by the beautiful Meghan Ory, fans of Once Upon A Time recognize since she played the character of Ruby, aka Little Red Riding Hood. We must add to this duo's presence Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows in the Experts), which is the head of the secret service which operates Gabriel. This trio works overall, the actors are good, the cast is the highlight of this series.

The pilot begins with a bang with a kidnapping, Chinese, traitors, bastons and a lot of use of technological faculties Gabriel. This is somewhat reminiscent of Person of Interest combined with the 24, where Josh Holloway embodies a kind of Jack Bauer 2.0, desperate to defend his homeland America Russians wicked, wicked Chinese, all wicked the world. The hero obviously has a troubled past (his presumed dead wife is suspected of being a terrorist), and one can already feel any possibility of romance between Gabriel and Riley.

But all this makes for now nothing new to the genre, the first episode allows viewing but not overwhelming. The end cliffhanger is also very predictable. The main plot must quickly implement and requires that the series has its own identity, under pain of falling into oblivion. If every episode manages to stand on its own without connection to the previous or the following, Intelligence will become a counterterrorism cop-drama without much interest.

With a headline like Holloway, whose return to the screen will please any fan of Lost, and rather convincing cast, writers must always scratching their heads and just step up intelligence to avoid the many pitfalls of genre. After seeing the pilot is already wants to sound the alarm. But thanks to the charisma of Sawyer and beautiful eyes Meghan Ory, one wants to leave Intelligence a small chance to surprise us.

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