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"Intense emotion" Manuel Valls after the death of two youths in Grenoble

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"Intense emotion" Manuel Valls after the death of two youths in Grenoble

GRENOBLE - The hospital of Grenoble, where one of the two young men died on Saturday 29 September. Clatot

The Interior Minister Manuel Valls said on Saturday his "intense emotion" after the death of two young people caught in a brawl Friday, September 28, shortly after 21 o'clock in the Villeneuve Park, Echirolles, a suburb of Grenoble (Isère).

Young people priori uneventful childhood friends, were caught in a brawl. A group of fifteen people, allegedly thrown at them, suddenly knives and pickaxes, police said. The first, aged 21, died instantly. The second victim, a young man of 22, injured five strokes of a knife, died Saturday morning at the hospital in Grenoble, La Tronche, after undergoing several interventions.

In a statement, the minister described the attack as "wild" and "indiscriminate violence and redoubled." He asks "the prefect and the departmental director of public safety to all necessary means available to the investigation (...) so that the perpetrators of these barbaric acts are promptly arrested."


Depending on the neighborhood, told AFP, a fight broke out earlier in the day, involving the younger brother of a victim, because of a "bad look". A track investigated by the police, who feels it is too early to confirm it.

Around 20 hours, another fight had opposed neighborhood youth, a few meters from the scene of the tragedy. "We can reasonably think that there is a link between the two arguments. The balance of power in this first brawl was more balance and then probably that people have decided to come back strong," said the investigators. The settling of the track is deemed credible. "But we do not know the reason," said an official of the police.

Saturday at the Grenoble police station, a person considered a privileged witness was heard by investigators. The neighborhood, this theater drama heavy toll, was placed under police surveillance.

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