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Internet: the new vigilante 2.0

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Internet: the new vigilante 2.0

Yesterday, the Internet was agitated about a cashier eastern France who stood to lose his job after picking up a discount coupon forgotten by a customer. This morning, his employer Cora announced via its Facebook page to drop charges.

In a few years the web has become a platform for privileged expression, where users do not hesitate to participate in debates or to comment on the facts that make the news.

The voice of the Internet relies heavily

The voice of the Internet relies heavily, to the point that it has become common for a company or a politician to submit to the general opinion. The latest example, the dismissal of a cashier Moselle Cora who was accused of theft by his leadership after taking a coupon forgotten by a customer. The situation of this woman touched the Web, and users did not hesitate to take his defense on the Facebook page of the supermarket chain. Result: Cora waive prosecution.

Not first

This is not the first time that Internet and take on the role of vigilantes. It will be recalled that the case of the salesperson licensed Kookaï for making a reflection Nadine Morano. Stronger still, some of them have gone further in this cyber-hero role in improvising investigators in the case of the killing of Nantes before finding police virtual traces of the main suspect, Xavier Dupont Ligon .

Increasingly cyber hero

With the advent of social networks, users have a way to be heard and even to act on the various facts that regularly punctuate the news. It is also certainly due to this craze of "participation to justice" the Facebook page Abduction Alert launched last September, now has more than 18,000 fans. And as the number of Internet users is increasing every day, "cyber-hero" trend has beautiful hours before her.

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