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iPad: the content does not follow

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iPad: the content does not follow

To revolutionize the habits of newspaper readers, the Apple tablet still lacks a platform offerings and online services.


Despite some 4.2 million units passed since its launch in April, the Apple iPad is still a limited success. Sales have also been deemed insufficient by the markets, which sanctioned the title Apple in October. The iPad is not yet the digital revolution longed for newspapers and magazines. "This is a first step under whose educate the reading of digital information," said Philippe Torres, Director of Studies and the Council of the Atelier BNP Paribas.

"But contrary to what brought the iPod in music, or in relation to what is beginning to cause the electronic book in publishing, the iPad did not reinvent how to read newspapers" , he noted in a study by the Forum d'Avignon 2010, which is a partner L'Expansion (from 4 to 6 November).

The study ("New items, new behaviors"), an innovative object is not sufficient by itself to upset the access to culture and information. "Now it is necessary that this object is associated with a platform of content and online services to prevail and lasting change our behavior."

Consequently, "The media are a service industry, they will be closer to electronics manufacturers and online service providers to identify with them what will be the electronic newspaper of tomorrow and give value to the content.."


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