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Judicial review Cherif Kouachi: a breach in the shield terrorism

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Judicial review Cherif Kouachi: a breach in the shield terrorism

Shooting at Charlie Hebdo: images Kouachi Sharif in 2004

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Kouachi Sharif, one of the two authors of the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo January 7, did not respect the judicial review which was imposed by a judge. Investigators are questioning several "control defects" between June and September 2011 and reported very late in 2012.

This radical Islamist then implicated in an attempted escape of a terrorist, has made his passport, against the issue of a receipt, as the judicial authorities require. He also had to go every week to the police point of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine), the town where he lived. Or he would have failed to do so several times in summer 2011 without being bothered in the least.

Brother of the passport of Use

So he was, in all likelihood, going quietly to Yemen to train in an al-Qaeda camp, as did his brother Said, was also involved in the killings at the headquarters of the satirical weekly and in their flight. The most likely hypothesis is that the two brothers have traveled separately Kouachi Cherif using the passport of Said.

Sharif's wife reportedly confirmed to investigators Kouachi journey of her husband and raised a second trip to Turkey this time.

The police would Gennevilliers reported to the investigating judge that in 2012 these "pointing flaws" back in the summer of 2011. Once informed, what did justice? A she asked a police control over Kouachi? A she demanded that a search warrant be issued? If a public prosecutor in Paris has been informed, he grabbed a detention judge and freedoms for the revocation of judicial review and therefore a return Cherif Kouachi prison? Or is justice remained inert? According to a judicial source, requested by L'Express, it is not certain that the information has been forwarded to a public prosecutor, either the Paris or the Nanterre.

Not enough staff

Indicted for his participation in the escape attempt, Cherif Kouachi finally got a dismissal which has superseded its judicial review in April 2013. About two years ago, so he had managed to evade radar screens to join Al-Qaeda and learn how to handle weapons. Justice has not seen leaving. Domestic intelligence services either. He then returned quietly in Gennevilliers where he resided.

Several police sources tell L'Express that the police do not have the numbers in the strict compliance of judicial review. A gaping flaw in the French anti-terrorist shield.

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