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Laurent Voulzy "My songs, I try to bring up, like children"

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Laurent Voulzy "My songs, I try to bring up, like children"



It mop somewhere near Lake Geneva, between two tour dates. Visit a church. Looking for a place to bathe. Laurent Voulzy walking on the roads the songs from his latest album, Lys & Love, where four themes intersect: France, England, love and the Middle Ages. This seventh album - the medieval pop - is a success for the singer of Belle-Ile-en-Mer. Its title "Joan" was named song of the year at the last Grammy. L'Express, he turns on a few tracks he plays every night of the summer.

"It was already You" (2011)

"I entered the studio to record Lys & Love without any advance song - which never happens except a half-music, that of." It was bad you "At the end of the day, piece was structured but there were no words I first had the idea of ​​a duet and Dido contacted the singer, who was not available.. she was expecting a child I dropped . Then I talked to Alain (Souchon) a reincarnation story: a boy and a girl for several lives would not be together It was not hot I insisted citing Edgar Allan Poe.. , but that does not always raced Alain found the sentence "It was bad you" and I left the reincarnation It was a song that would evoke the emotional void.. "This dream, I can not m 'without it ... it will already be you ... ""

"Heroine" (2001)

"The music of" Heroine "is undoubtedly influenced by English pop of The Hollies, this urban poetry and a little rose water that emerges title" Bus Stop. "And the atmosphere of Tracey Ullman, including "They Do not Know," a clip where a mother proletarian dream of Paul McCartney, who, moreover, provides a cameo [a cameo] at the end of the video. I wanted to highlight these women anonymous, sometimes pretty as the Spice Girls, who lead a quiet life heroine, like my mother, work, raise their kids. "

"Paradoxical System" (1992)

"This is the first song we tried to write with Alain, initiating the album Hidden behind. We worked over two weeks every day. The words were not going. I did not feel it I was hoping for. So we put the piece aside and set about "Bungalow empties" to the "Flower Power" and Alain made a film. Almost a year and a half later, I ' have a flash by returning me the model of "Paradoxical System": ". In the night trains traveling to the cities and faces" These sentences on the unspoken, loneliness, sadness, regret at the time the one leaves someone on a train platform, it was exactly what I wanted to express. "Paradoxical System" is the only song with "Joan", which gives me a very strong emotion when I replay. This n is not complacency, I feel it comes from elsewhere. "

"Hidden behind" (1992)

We ended "Carib Islander". I had my electric guitar and came to me another look, I called illico "Stone Age". So, "Carib Islander" and "Hidden behind" have the same tempo, the same part of battery. Later, I told Alain I felt like things hidden in the universe, imperceptible at first by the five senses. Then, for the title of the album, saw the recurring themes Hidden behind has become.

"The Dream of the Fisherman" (1992)

One winter we were in Monaco with Alain, and for an hour I hummed the same agreement. After a moment, he said: "It's pretty, you sing!" Encouraged, I dared to sing a little louder. This has inspired the text of the sea, a subject that often comes up in my songs and if these impressionistic lyrics. He sometimes talks us about the lyrics. There, I did not want to sing: "Dreams are prevented." I preferred: "Dreams, I live." Finally, I gave in, and Alain was right. It is probably this sentence puts acid in an idyllic vision. Alain often say to me: "This song is perfect."

"Belle-Ile-en-Mer" (1986)

I was working on "Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde" for two months. One evening, I cross the room of the studio, my guitar slung and, while walking, I find three chords I record straight on a boom box. The next day, I remember this little air and I added a verse to the keyboard. When I do listen to Alain, he exclaims: "It was the B-side of" Nights without Kim Wilde "..." It starts: "Belle-Ile-en-Mer?" I answer back: "Marie-Galante." An island where my mother lived, small. Alain place a text which deals with the difference, of isolation, of my childhood. Many months later, I turn on the radio, I hear "Belle-Ile-en-Mer" which passes over a FM Val-de-Marne, and it moves me. Finally, we returned the 45s. Belle-Ile-en-Mer became the A-side of "Nights without Kim Wilde." Then the song of the year with Grammy. Then of the decade.

"The Heart of Granada" (1979)

The maxi 45s Bubble Star lasted 7 minutes, it was a side B. It was written in a hurry "The grenadine Heart", then we decided to keep it for my next album. It is an autobiographical text. I was so in love with an island girl party live in Guadeloupe. "The grenadine Heart" was a huge success. Me, my songs, I try to bring up, like children. To give them the means to fight in life. Some have a universal destiny, mysterious, surprising. Others remain anonymous.

Lys & Love (Columbia / Sony Music). On July 15, the Francofolies de La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime). On 19 and 20 November to Champs-Elysées Theatre, Paris (VIII). And on tour.

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