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LIVE. Sochi 2014: Marie Martinod took silver in halfpipe skiing final

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LIVE.  Sochi 2014: Marie Martinod took silver in halfpipe skiing final

The France team Nordic combined, led by the flagship Jason Lamy Chappuis, has one last chance to float the colors Thursday in the team event. MacDougall

Live Update

Thank you for following us for this live and cheer Mary!

02.20.2014 at 19:32

And Japanese Ayana Onozuka bronze.

02.20.2014 at 19:30

It's the American Maddie Bowman who wins gold.

02.20.2014 at 19:30

Marie Martinod came second with 85.40 points. Congratulations Mary!

02.20.2014 at 19:26

Marie Martinod, which is guaranteed at least a silver medal, will launch.

02.20.2014 at 19:24

Waiting for the second run, L'Equipe Mag tells us that there are two more years, Marie Martinod ran a bar. At 22, she pressed her athletic career for love seasonal met in La Plagne. She returned to the stage in 2012. What a punk!

02.20.2014 at 19:01

The French did not fall. She is second in the standings. The first run is finished competing.

02.20.2014 at 18:57

Marie Martinod will launch it's the last!

02.20.2014 at 18:53

Big fall of the American Brita Sigourney. It appears injured, rescuers arrive.

02.20.2014 at 18:52

The American Maddie Bowman heads the standings.

02.20.2014 at 18:50

The Japanese Ayana Onozuka was going full speed. She heads the standings.

02.20.2014 at 18:48

The American Angeli Vanlaanen falls too. Many falls in this final!

02.20.2014 at 18:45

The Canadian Rosalind Groenewoud, a favorite, fall.

02.20.2014 on 18:43

The Swiss Virginie Faivre takes second place in the standings.

02.20.2014 at 18:41

New Zealand's Janina Kuzma heads the standings.

02.20.2014 at 18:40

Anais Caradeux why it is forfeit. She lost consciousness 10 to 15 seconds during its fall earlier. In case of further fall on your head, it would be dangerous. See you in four years, she said.

02.20.2014 at 18:35

An Australian launches. But fall.

02.20.2014 at 18:32

Anais Caradeux injured her shoulder, she did not participate in the halfpipe final at 18:30.

02.20.2014 at 18:18

See you at 18:30 for the final of ski halfpipe with Marie Martinod and Anais Caradeux.

02.20.2014 at 17:19

The judges liked my style. I intend to do the same with more technical difficulties (for the final, nldr).

Marie Martinod, micro France 2 (and very playful)

02.20.2014 at 17:18

Marie Martinod takes first place in qualifying with 88.40 points! The counters will be reset to the final, but it sends a big signal to the US and Sigourney Bowman, previously in competition head. This promises to the final at 18:30!

02.20.2014 at 17:14

Marie Martinod sent a beautifully technical run with better reception. The question is to hear from the judges.

02.20.2014 at 17:12

Marie Martinod'm back, to which should appear more like a training run.

02.20.2014 at 17:11

Anaïs qualified Caradeux! Its 7th provisional site ensures him in the final ... if there is no breakage after his fall.

02.20.2014 at 17:04

LIVE.  Sochi 2014: Marie Martinod took silver in halfpipe skiing final

Marie Martinod during his first run. - REUTERS / Dylan Martinez

02.20.2014 at 17:03

The question is whether Caradeux will be fit for the final 18:30. She spun with the medical staff of the team of France from the complete descent.

02.20.2014 at 16:58

What a pity if the French did not reach the finals while there is hardly qualified! She has recovered, but seems to suffer injuries to the face and shoulder. It finally comes down the pipe skiing.

02.20.2014 at 16:56

Fall of the French, which remains on the ground after a bad reception! His coach down to meet him. Help arrived with a stretcher.

02/20/2014 16:53

Revoilà Anais Caradeux provisional 7th.

02.20.2014 at 16:52

Marie Martinod qualified! Without having his second run, there remains enough girls vying for ejecting the group of 12 qualified.

02.20.2014 at 16:51

The second run was started. The French, 3rd and 7th, have virtually ski in the final, knowing that the 12 best qualifications found there.

02.20.2014 at 16:31

Marie Martinod takes 3rd place qualifying with 84.80 points. The finish is virtually assured him. It must now manage to keep enough under the skis for tonight!

02.20.2014 at 16:16

Little mistakes on receptions, but no prohibitive for Martinod Falls, which placed some technical figures.

02.20.2014 at 16:15

The turn of Marie Martinod! On the big screen presentation at the top of the pipe, it was possible to see his daughter in his arms.

02.20.2014 at 16:14

The French did not fall, but it failed in its amplitude jumps on end. It takes the 6th place with 74.40 provisional points.

02/20/2014 16:03

The turn of Anais Caradeux! For now, both American and Sigourney Bowman logically lead with two runs in excess of 85 points.

02.20.2014 at 16:01

The ski halfpipe qualifications just started. Our two French, and Marie Anais Caradeux Martinod are running. They will compete in the 15th and 21st place out of 23 girls competing. The qualification will be played to the best of two runs.

02.20.2014 at 15:48

What is there left to do on Thursday on the France team? Essentially the halfpipe skiing, whose qualifications are competing at 15:30 (French time) before the final 18:30.

Who are the French? Anais Caradeux, 23, and especially Marie Martinod 29 years. Martinod made a 3rd place at the X Games and a podium in the World Cup. It is a medal in the lined Kevin Rolland, bronze Tuesday.

02.20.2014 at 13:11

Lamy Chappuis comes to 4th place in 1'12''8. The agreement between the parties before the three nations have deprived France of playing a podium.

02.20.2014 at 12:49

Norway Olympic champion in Nordic combined, followed by Germany and Austria. Doubled Grabaak, Olympic champion on the large hill.

02.20.2014 at 12:47

Norway, Germany and Austria in a handkerchief at the end of the last climb.

02.20.2014 at 12:46

Jason Lamy Chappuis has "only" 50 '' behind the head. But its current speed is not enough.

02.20.2014 at 12:44

Laheurte passing the baton to Lamy Chappuis with 1'18''8 behind the head of the race. France should finish empty-handed in Nordic combined at the Olympics.

02.20.2014 at 12:37

Norwegian attempts to dynamite the race a big acceleration in the last climb, but the three men meet together before the last relay, where the "boss" of each team will be explained. Among them: Graabak, the Norwegian Olympic champion.

02.20.2014 at 12:35

Always Laheurte to 31 ''.

02.20.2014 at 12:32

Laheurte resumed 5 '' on the leaders. But it seems complicated as it joins a ... less of a failure.

02.20.2014 at 12:28

François Braud ends with delay in 37''1 on the head of the race. Mission impossible for the 3rd French runner Maxime Laheurte.

02.20.2014 at 12:25

Beautiful mind for France ski cross. Devouassoux was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Chapuis and Midol.

Devouassoux in tears: "They were fantastic." #skicross # sotchi2014

- Thomas A. Commin (a_thomas_commin) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 12:20

François Braud to 27''3. It clings, but it will be complicated.

02.20.2014 at 12:19

Objective of the 2nd runner, François Braud, now: pick to the leaders, no matter what. It is 27''9.

02.20.2014 at 12:15

In #combinenordique, Germans, Austrians and Norwegians agree to let the remote Blues and play the podium together.

- France Olympique (FranceOlympique) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 12:13

Lacroix 29''7 leaders, who clearly accelerated.

02.20.2014 at 12:13

Lacroix 13''3 three leaders Moan (Norway), Frenzel (Germany) and Klapper (Austria).

02.20.2014 at 12:07

Martin Fourcade, bedridden and on antibiotics, has not missed a beat!

It was a beautiful day to be sick! Congratulations guys! #triple

- Martin Fourcade (martinfkde) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 12:04

World Cup, there had never been tripled in French #skicross. Lined in spades, especially among the ladies, but 0 tripled.

- Christophe Lemaire (ch_lemaire) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 12:03

The French left combined with 35 seconds behind the Germans. Sébastien Lacroix first stint.

02.20.2014 at 12:01

Start in a few seconds of the race Nordic combined relay. Lamy Chappuis after Chapuis friend.

02.20.2014 at 11:59

Chapuis Olympic champion a year after his title of world champion. Three happy men at the top of the podium.

02.20.2014 at 11:59

# Sotchi2014, why do France Ski Cross Championships in Sochi?

- Jerome Rasetti (jerasetti) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:57

Mini podium now in the bottom of the stroke. The one with the medal ceremonies and the Marseillaise be held tonight.

It's not great? Jean-Frédéric Chapuis, Arnaud Bovolenta, Jonathan Midol #triple #skicross #historique #espritbleu

- France Olympique (FranceOlympique) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:56

14 medals including 4 gold for the Blues that set the new record of a French delegation to the Winter Olympics! #espritbleu

- France Olympique (FranceOlympique) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:54

France to 14 Olympic medals, record exploded on the same Winter Olympics.

02.20.2014 at 11:53

A priori, the last 100% French podium at the Olympics in 1924 on the print width of the horse in gymnastics.

- Christophe Lemaire (ch_lemaire) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:50

In order: Chapuis, Bovolenta and Midol.

02.20.2014 at 11:50

HISTORY. Never seen the Winter Olympics for France.

02.20.2014 at 11:49

The Canadian who fall into the last corner! TRIPLE FRENCH!

02.20.2014 at 11:49

The three French in three first places before going Leman Midol halfway.

02.20.2014 at 11:47

From left to right at the start: Bovolanta Leman (Canada), Chapuis and Midol (yellow jersey of the stage). Grosse concentration.

02.20.2014 at 11:47

Printing to be confirmed, but it seems to be less than Snowboard Ski Cross falls in these Olympics.

02.20.2014 at 11:46

Quite French triplets made between 1900 and 1924 in fencing, sailing, cycling or gymnastics. No Winter Olympics.

- Christophe Lemaire (ch_lemaire) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:44

13 medals: new record in perspective at the Olympic Winter Games for the France team, who had never done better than 11 (Torino 2006 and Vancouver 2010).

02.20.2014 at 11:35

Jonathan Midol, Jean-Frederic Chapuis and Arnaud Bovolenta at least two medals in all three names. The Canadian Brady Leman is nevertheless a major customer for the title at the head of all series!

02.20.2014 at 11:34

Bovolenta its second half and qualified! 3 French in the final of ski cross! The maximum of what they could do given the rank of time this morning. Proof. The final in 10 minutes!

02.20.2014 at 11:31

Fall Flisar! Bovolenta to 2nd place halfway, with a good lead over the German Eigler.

02.20.2014 at 11:30

#skicross Sure now France established its best medal count at the Olympics ... but we do not yet know how :)

- France Olympique (FranceOlympique) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:30

The turn of Bovolenta, not in a single half with Canadian Leman and Slovak Flisar (magnificent Second Empire mustache).

02.20.2014 at 11:29

Chapuis and Midol in the final! The two of them leave no chance to their opponents from the beginning. Medal assured for France in Ski Cross men.

02.20.2014 at 11:26

The French halfway head!

02.20.2014 at 11:25

Go for the 1st half with Chapuis and Midol.

02.20.2014 at 11:24

Chapuis is the world champion #fautillerappeler?

#skicross Fun, flashback, March 2013, Jean-Frédéric Chapuuis becomes world champion #espritbleu

- France Olympique (FranceOlympique) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:20

Chapuis and Midol, always together since the 8th, swooped on all qualifying places their descents.

02.20.2014 at 11:19

Due to an error of his pursuer, third Bovolenta French qualified for the semi-finals! 3/4! Towards 3 French in the final. Big demonstration of the Blues for now at ski cross.

02.20.2014 at 11:15

3rd quarter: Bovolenta good start, 2nd halfway.

02.20.2014 at 11:14

Photo finish the first quarter! This is the Russian finally who qualified.

This is what a foto-finish looks like in ski cross # Sochi2014

- Svenja Mastroberardi (svenja_mastro) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:14

Chapuis and qualified Midol. Devouassoux 3rd and eliminated. Two French semis!

02.20.2014 at 11:12

The three leading French and Austrian hook. The biggest risk is falling ...

02.20.2014 at 11:11

The guest quarter of French (Chapuis, Devouassoux, Midol) is Austria's Andreas Matt.

02.20.2014 at 11:10

The bad news for the quarter is that there are three French in the second. Arnaud Bovolenta alone in third. This ensures Blue half ... to see the glass half full.

02.20.2014 at 11:08

Events in Ukraine will not leave indifferent in Sochi.

>>> The live L'Express on what is happening in Kiev

Ukrainian skier B. Matsotska and his father left the Olympics in solidarity with protests

- Yann Bertrand (YannBertrand) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 11:06

Collective fall averted, the French comes out second with a little advance to handle the third.

02.20.2014 at 10:52

4/4 for the Blues! Bovolenta second ends of its travel. Breathless race. First quarter at 11.05!

02.20.2014 at 10:52

Bovolenta 4th out of the starting phase.

02.20.2014 at 10:51

Arnaud Bovolenta advances for the 6th race. If he qualifies, the French have succeeded 4/4 8th!

02.20.2014 at 10:49

They closed the door to the American: the two French qualified for the quarterfinals! Chapuis and Midol join Devouassoux.

02.20.2014 at 10:44

Good starting Chapuis, leading in race start. Midol Password third to second.

02.20.2014 at 10:43

Four competitors, both French (Jean-Frédéric Chapuis and Jonathan Midol), two places in the quarter and therefore four possibilities now.

02.20.2014 at 10:42

2nd halfway, he was overtaken then returns the second, its place in the end. Jonas Devouassoux is a quarter! French first qualified!

02.20.2014 at 10:41

The French third spell at the first corner.

02.20.2014 at 10:39

Go for Jonas Devouassoux and his big lumberjack beard (like its neighbor the Aussie Scott Kneller initially).

02.20.2014 at 10:39

Two races and two collective already falls: cross remains the cross.

02.20.2014 at 10:36

It left the ski cross. But it was not until the 3rd race OPUR see the first French.

02.20.2014 at 10:35

Meet at 10:30 for the 8th ski cross finals! To follow, for France: Jonas Devouassoux (3rd race), Jean-Frederic Chapuis (4th race), Jonathan Midol (4th race) and Arnaud Bovolenta (6th race).

02.20.2014 at 10:16

Simon Martin heals. Confirmation that the double Olympic champion was not totally out of sorts for the mixed relay yesterday, although the podium was not playable after shooting misfires. Objective: To be restored Saturday for the men's relay.

A brother you bring him the breakfast in bed when you're sick it makes no prix..Pour antibiotic and the rest day in bed! #hopeforrelay

- Martin Fourcade (martinfkde) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 10:08

"Austria is capturable"

The conditions were difficult but we are in contact. It was correct jumps, we are still in the fight. (...) Germany and Norway are going to be the toughest cross country skiing, but Austria is capturable.

Jason Lamy Chappuis

02.20.2014 at 09:52

10 seconds behind Norway

Norwegians repass before: the France will start 10 seconds after them. The battle for the bronze medal will be difficult.

02.20.2014 at 09:42

Very average jump for Lamy Chappuis

It is the turn of Jason Lamy Chappuis. He made a very very average jumping 129.5. It is less than two meters in training.

02.20.2014 at 09:41

Huge jump in Norway

Norwegian made a very beautiful jumping 137.5 meters. Arg, it's not good for France.

02.20.2014 at 09:40

In the last round, the teams spend according standings: the best come last. Jason Lamy-Chappuis therefore increase in second-to-last.

02.20.2014 at 09:38

The provisional podium: Austria, Germany and France

Austria and Germany are well ahead in the standings. France is third. Norway is just behind.

02.20.2014 at 09:32

A jump to 130 meters Braud

The French François Braud performs a beautiful jump 130 meters. The France took the lead in the provisional rankings.

02.20.2014 at 09:28

France, the fourth of eight teams in the standings

Maxime Laheurte and Sébastien Lacroix jumped 106.3 and 108.4 and directed points respectively. France is the fourth temporarily while 8 teams are placed.

02.20.2014 at 09:26

Nordic combined begins with ski jumping

Nordic combined team began at 9:00 with ski jumping. In their order of ten teams are in the running: Finland, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, the United States, Japan, France, Austria, Germany and Norway.

02.20.2014 at 09:23

1 / 8th finals of the Ski Cross at 10:30

The final round of ski cross will begin at 10:30 am

02.20.2014 at 09:20

The fourth French, Arnaud Bovolenta, finished in 10th place in the standings.

02.20.2014 at 09:19

The snow softens

The park has not frozen night and snow is very changeable this morning. "The snow may still move a little bit," he told Devouassoux.

02.20.2014 at 09:18

Chapuis, fourth in the standings

Despite a big mistake in this round, the French Chapuis finished 4th in the standings.

02.20.2014 at 09:15

Jean-Frédéric Chapuis from

Jean-Frédéric Chapuis at the start! He is the leader of the France ski cross team.

02.20.2014 at 09:13

"This is a super nice track, we enjoy but it's a track where it is very difficult to go fast"

Jonas Devouassoux

02.20.2014 at 09:07

Midol, 10th in the standings

A second French from: Jonathan Midol. Delayed from the start of the descent, he finished 10th at nearly four seconds behind the leader.

02.20.2014 at 09:06

Average race for Devouassoux

Average race for the French: Jonas Devouassoux finishes 9th at 2 "73 leader

02.20.2014 at 09:04

Jonas Devouassoux is the first French to go: it's bib No. 10.

Tomorrow morning departure for the Olympics #Sochi #espritbleu #Skicross GO GO GO

- Jonas Devouassoux (JonasDXskicross) February 4, 2014

02.20.2014 at 09:01

The Swedish head of qualifications

For now, the reference time is held by the Swedish Oehling Victor Norberg, current leader of the World Cup: he descended in 1'15 "59

02.20.2014 at 09:00

Go for ski cross!

It left for the ski cross qualifications! For now, skiers go alone in the park for the best time. Goal: to be placed before the sleeves to four.

02.20.2014 at 08:57

Ski Cross, Nordic combined, halfpipe skiing, figure skating, the day of the program of the Blues

- France Olympique (FranceOlympique) February 20, 2014

02.20.2014 at 08:40

Also watch this morning, the ski cross. Jean-Frédéric Chapuis, world champion of the specialty, and Jonas Devouassoux seem to have a good chance to get on the podium. Two other French engaged in qualifying.

02.20.2014 at 08:33

Lamy Chappuis, a last chance to catch up

After a 35th place on the normal hill individual event on - which it held the Olympic title - and a 7th place large hill, he will have a chance to catch up in the test by Nordic combined teams (ski jumping and ski background). And no question this time to point a waxing problem or "heavy legs"!

LIVE.  Sochi 2014: Marie Martinod took silver in halfpipe skiing final

Jason Lamy Chappuis he will go against the "curse" of the Olympics? - MacDougall

02/20/2014 08:27

Medals "bonus"

After the great performance of Steve and Alexis Pinturault Missillier giant, the team of France equaled his record of medals in Vancouver. Total: 11 medals, including three gold. So the Blues hope to establish a new record.

02.20.2014 at 08:26

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