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Luxter: the new smoothing that lasts and suits your hair!

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Luxter: the new smoothing that lasts and suits your hair!

After the Brazilian straightening, smoothing and Japanese, a new smoothing will revolutionize theologians of frizz: The Luxter smoothing is a treatment for straight hair effect "brushe" ... A new promise and a new process based on vegetable collagen. The result is stunning, and presents a new benefit from the various smoothing techniques: it lasts in time, no damage and keeps the volume of the hair. Explanations ...

Specialist in cosmetic hair and especially in Japanese straightening brand Laboratory Research and Development Lissfactor Japanese cosmetics launches a new hair smoothing process: Luxter. This new carefully smoothing is durable -up regrowth hair- and is without plates and undamaged -assouplit without breaking the cheveu- unlike conventional straightening.

Lissfactor behind the brand and the origin of the new revolutionary process is the founder, which although has kindly enlighten us on this new treatment:

Annoyed at the idea of ​​frisoter soon as the weather became hot and humid, it explains "interested in having all the techniques dedicated to the hair, including the Japanese straightening. ". A concern that pushes it a few years of business school in -High-pocket from the "Japan already specialist smoothing, with the desire to provide a service and quality products, a true result" . Luxter today, she wanted a product "that meets certain expectations: stiff, but also a maximum volume because the volume it looks better when it's steep. But also allow to play on other forms, waving spikes, leaving free rein to all the changes. "

How does it work exactly?

Luxter comes with vegetable collagen, which will bind to the hair and re-pulper the fiber. "It is therefore apparent with not only smoothed hair, but also healthier and with more volume. "And this transformation is as abiding as Japanese straightening. "The collagen will stay inside the hair, and continue to release gradually. The hair is going to get better with time. "

Why is it different from the Japanese straightening?

There is no chemical transformation as for the Japanese straightening which is a "benefit to stiffen and repair sustainably hair. The transformation is chemical, but not aggressively so far. "

Why is it different from the Brazilian straightening?

Luxter is not with keratin as for the Brazilian smoothing (without content formaldéhyde1 as some Brazilian straightening products, revealed by Afssaps2) but with vegetable collagen. His transformation is durable unlike three months.

Why is it different from straightening?

Straightening, in general, breaking the bonds which give shape to the hair, which is called the keratic proteins. "We are just going to soften the hair, the peel and re-filled with collagen to change its shape. Under his Aaction gives hair a new structure and a new texture. »

With Luxter why smoothing is different?

But not chemically durable, with Luxter you really tell goodbye to frizz and your hair is stiff as "Brushes" without other efforts dry. Finally, "You really chose the type of stiffening that is desired. This is a treatment that adapts to individual choice, particularly with curly hair but for who do not want to lose the little volume have left. This is a very shapeable method ".

The Luxter care takes about 7 months (Hair regrowth), duration 1:30 care, benefit from 150 euros in all rooms Lissfactor partners:


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