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Macron wants the end of the pensions cap

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Macron wants the end of the pensions cap

The Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron wants to remove the controversial pension system. Batiche

Mestrallet, Lombard, Varin ... The succession of controversies will have skin hat pensions. The Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron thus affirmed Tuesday to delete this device after several recent critics and emblematic cases.

With Finance Minister Michel Sapin, he asked "a mission of the General Inspectorate of Finance" in order to "find a real solution to remove the pensions cap and replace them with a more readable ordinary law for all French" has he said to the deputies.

Taking first the case, Air France, Didier Lombard, Emmanuel Macron said it had asked for "information" on this issue. The Minister also addressed the case of the former boss of PSA Peugeot Citroen Philippe Varin, or the boss of GDF Suez Mestrallet.

"Amounts incomprehensible and indefensible today" in the case of corporate officers, he commented. And to emphasize that the state has increased the tax on these devices, however, noting that "no law will replace the ethics of leaders."

Mestrallet latest controversy

Senior executives of some large French companies are often eligible for this hat retirement pension supplement to the basic plan and complementary, if they finish their career with the company. Its payment is spread throughout the retirement of the beneficiary.

The principle was controversial retirement hat resurfaces including Gérard Mestrallet: The Chained Duck the well for him amounted to 21 million euros, in addition to his retirement at the end of his term in May 2016 831,641 euros (complementary group plans Arrco-Agrirc).

Commissioner General Investment Louis Schweitzer, former CEO of Renault, said Monday that the system criticized pensions cap would "gradually wither away" because of the tax measures in place. Last Wednesday, the current CEO of Orange, Stéphane Richard, who judged that the abandonment of the system would "possibly quite healthy and quite pragmatic way."

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