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Marie de Villepin: "With Betty Catroux, I have a common wish to live my life as an adventure"

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Marie de Villepin: "With Betty Catroux, I have a common wish to live my life as an adventure"

Marie de Villepin at the first Yves Saint Laurent December 19, 2013 in Paris.

Nicolas Briquet / ABACA

After his performance noticed in Baikonur, the daughter of former Prime Minister confirmed his ability on the big screen by playing the dummy Betty Catroux in the Yves Saint Laurent Lespert. The opportunity to make the point with this young woman sculpture, model and musician in his spare time on his report to the movies.

How are you arriving in the Yves Saint Laurent project in which you interpret one of his muses, model Betty Catroux?

Marie de Villepin: I can not thank enough the casting director Nicolas Ronchi because it offered me the role in making me pass testing. And Jalil was convinced.

How prepared are you to this role?

From fashion, I obviously knew very well the life of St. Lawrence ... Especially since I saw the documentary Un amour fou, the film Jalil includes part of the frame. But I, in addition, many documented. Because what mattered here was to understand some privileged youth of that time and idle symbolized by Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé and their "band". Which then evolved certainly during the war in Algeria but certainly still in the carelessness of those years before AIDS. And I am always interested me to the American music of that period, that of Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, I immediately identified with the youth.

Do you also rehearsed a lot in advance with Lespert?

It was very important preparation work. And in various fields. With one who plays my girlfriend in the film, we worked on the body for it to be clear on the screen - the way we touch, move and evolve in space - that we were a couple. Another example Jalil made me do dozens of times after an interview with Betty in front of him as if I was in a police station where I had to describe my character and tell my evening. I also worked on my voice to make it more serious. Everything is built gradually. But the first turning point was the haircut. With this fringe which was that of Betty and was bound to change my face. Initially thought Jalil cheat a wig. But soon he realized that it would not work. And one day, in the midst of trials costumes and hairstyles before Pierre Niney, Charlotte Le Bon, William Galienne and others, Jalil came towards me and cut himself this lock! As a symbol.

You've spent time Betty Catroux before shooting?

No, she disappeared as throughout the preparation time. And I think the Pierre Bergé had suggested so not to interfere with the vision of Jalil. But I had a lot observed in documentaries. He's a very graphic, very feline invades the space as soon as it enters a. She has an amazing charisma. She says having only frustration not to have become the contemporary dancer she dreamed of being. There in her a mixture of violence and beauty collide. Like most members of this band around Saint Laurent and Bergé elsewhere. Betty is still regarded as a free woman who assumes that living life as an adventure. And that's probably what I have in common with her: I want to live my life as an adventure and without regret. For these adventures are good or bad, they are mine!

We feel a special responsibility to play someone who existed and still lives?

In fact, I did not think for one second on the board. But it caught up with me at the leading first when Betty was present. There, I could not look at her or speak to her. She had to take me for a fool!

How does Lespert on a plate?

It is an iron fist in a velvet glove. He knows exactly where he wants to go, but leaves you true freedom. Because being an actor himself, he does not want to cause any frustration in his actors. His talent is to always bring you to the right gesture. And one of its major qualities is to leave you time to make your mark before you crop. It makes me think of a sculptor who honed his creations.

What is it that made you want to make films?

I have a passion for movies since I was little. I grew up with American film noir, those with Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart but also with Godard and Melville. In fact, I have always been attracted by people who tell stories. And very quickly, my dream was also able to tell my stories through any medium: music, painting, cinema ....

It is 12 years since you do your film debut in The log Danièle Thompson daughter of Emmanuelle Béart ...

Yes and then in a not too distant part of me since I was playing dirty teen rebel against her mother! (Laughs) Besides Danièle spotted me one evening from dinner at home while I was fought with my parents who wanted at all costs I come to greet our guests dressed in pajamas. My eyes were swollen and I Ralais against my mother from the kitchen. And Daniele told me, "you're the mouth, eyes, character: it's you!" I still did a casting with Margot Capelier, a meeting that I will remember all my life ! So I was chosen. And I felt very comfortable. In life, yet I am very shy and reserved but once on a platter, I have the feeling of being someone else.

A few weeks ago, it was discovered in your first major film role: Baikonur. How you are you found in this adventure in the heart of Kazakhstan?

By casting all. And I had the chance to live over there hallucinating adventure. I learned a lot and grew up on this shoot. It turned by 30 ° C, I fly without gravity, followed technical training of cosmonauts. I even almost died 3 times! We were the first film crew to enter and film in the space base Baikonur ... And every week, journalists invited on set and secretly walked away with the rushes in Germany. One disgruntled against the director, has also retaliated by exposing the film to X-rays and had to return the love scene that we had lost it! This shoot is what cinema is for me: this diversity and exchanges between different cultures I want. I was born in the US and I had the chance to grow abroad in India, Venezuela, traveling extensively in Africa. So to experience different cultures at a very young age. The difference has never scared but, instead, feeds me.

Today, the theater takes all your time?

I have projects that are expected to emerge next year. But next to the cinema, there was also music. I have two groups. One in France, PinkMist. The other in the US, UK, influenced by blues and rock of the 70. I write the lyrics and I am working on two albums simultaneously. I like the idea of ​​having several facets ... like in the movies!

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