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MEDEF: oral exam for the five candidates

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MEDEF: oral exam for the five candidates

The five candidates for president of MEDEF are interviewed on 23 but to expose their projects.


The five men each have half an hour to convince twenty minute presentation on their profile and projects and ten minutes for questions.

The talks began shortly after 9:00 at the headquarters of MEDEF in Paris with the candidate Patrick Bernasconi, 57, president of the National Federation of Public Works (FNTP), followed by Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, 50 vice-president of the French Federation Telecommunications (FFT) has is it specified in MEDEF.

The board is not complete, but all members will meet to vote on June 3 for their favorite presidential candidate of the largest employers' organization in France.

Decision on July 3

The notice to the General Assembly, the 560 voting members must vote on July 3, should report the number of votes won by each.

Pierre Gattaz, 53, president of the Industrial Federations Group (GFI), seems for the moment to the favorite. On April 18, he received the support of the powerful federation of metallurgy (IAJ), which organizes every election a kind of primer.

The French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA), which also weighs a heavy weight, also supported the CEO of Radiall, electrical connectors manufacturer and largest exporter.

Pierre Gattaz favorite

Son of the former boss of bosses Yvon Gattaz (1981-1986), Pierre Gattaz comes in "candidate of the land" and "conquest". This watch is particularly offensive against the 35 hours, he said recently, "we pollute life", the age of retirement or corporate taxation.

Intended as a "missionary of the economy", it aims to "bring together the worlds." He suggests a mandatory one-year internship in SMEs for énarques or the generalization of program "Business Class" he practices in his company to provoke encounters between students and employees, teachers and employees. Calling for public spending cuts, he insists that the MEDEF closely with the government prepares budget proposals.

The order of Thursday, drawn, placed fourth.

"Peter is a manager, not a political" and would be "really an entrepreneur at the helm," said one of the 45 members of the Executive Council, the boss of the MEDEF Provence-Alpes- Azur, Stéphan Brousse. "This is what the MEDEF calls today after having Laurence which was much in the political media," he said judging "indisputable that Pierre Gattaz took a considerable lead in this field."

Haro 35 hours

First auditioned, Patrick Bernasconi, a former close to Ms. Parisot, the unions negotiated with many thorny agreements, including that of 11 January on the labor market. The president of the National Federation of Public Works (FNTP).

He also criticizes the law on the 35 hours he describes as "historic mistake" and called for the weekly working time is determined conventionally in companies. He said supporter of "listening, that through dialogue" and sees "a real difference" with Pierre Gattaz.

The other candidate for the top three, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, comes from the service sector, as Ms. Parisot. He also said very attached to social dialogue, recalling that he presided Unedic.

Mr Roux Bézieux, owner of Omea (Virgin Mobile) strongly criticized the successive pension reforms in France. He advocates "private initiative" and "a risk society" protested against the "misuse of the precautionary principle + +".

It must be followed by Thibault Lanxade 42 years. Boss Aqoba SMEs, specializing in payment card "to measure", it claimed that the social partners have a right to veto candidates to departments.

Last in the running order, the candidate least known, Herve Lambel, 48, owner of HLDC, a company specializing in the business services and audiovisual production. Mr. Lambel is distinguished by its request for removal of the inter VAT to fight against the cash flow problems.

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