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MEPs vote military supervision of juvenile offenders

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MEPs vote military supervision of juvenile offenders

German Army Bundeswehr army sergeant major Johannes Schaaf instructs young men how to line up in the proper way at the military barracks in Eschweiler Donnerberg near the western German city of Aachen January 3, 2011. Some 12,500 young Germans Had to show up on Monday to start Their six month long national compulsory military service for the the last time in Almost 50 years of history the Bundeswehr, partner after the Bundestag lower house of parliament Ruled to suspend the national service to the army shrink by more than a third. REUTERS / Wolfgang Rattay (GERMANY - Tags: MILITARY POLITICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)

REUTERS / Wolfgang Rattay

MPs say yes to the "citizen service". The Assembly voted on Wednesday by 224 votes against 152, UMP law proposal Eric Ciotti on the frame of the military type of juvenile offenders.

This measure raises concern in military circles and is described as "electioneering" by the opposition.

PS - that speaks of a "publicity stunt" - and the GDR group (PCF, PG, EELV) voted against. The New Center voted "Although skeptical about some aspects of the law," said MP Philippe Folliot (NC).

This "citizen service" for a period of six to twelve months, will take place in public establishments insertion of Defence (Epide) already receiving youth under the scheme "Second Chance Defence".

It will be offered to minors over 16 years, as an alternative to punishment, an educational measure, or as part of a suspended sentence with probation.

The text will be sent to the Senate.

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