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Miossec: "We felt Alain Bashung happy ..."

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Miossec: "We felt Alain Bashung happy ..."

Miossec co-wrote with his friend Alain Bashung want on the song Let The Reckless (2002).

B.Turquier / L'Express

What is Alain Bashung for you?

It was a real singer who had a stomach ache to get out his records. There is no one above is the absolute monarch! A course like his, it's just fabulous! It was never a question for me to be in imitation: I never wanted to learn from him, neither in words nor musically.

How did you discover?

I was really crazy Bashung long time. I stopped the music at the time of Play Injuries (co-written with Serge Gainsbourg): This drive had me well concussed at the age of 14 to 18 years. Albums Play injuries (1982) and Novice (1989) were met with consternation. But they really age well.

When did you meet?

That was before military Fancy for a joint interview for Inrockuptibles, in 1996 after it was seen almost every record, we could spend time together, especially in the ICP studios in Brussels. Head to head with Alain, it was fabulous, he exuded such sweetness. But once we meet his hero, it's done!

You dare Josephine interpreted as a tribute to Bashung, the disc and in concert? What memories mean to you this song?

Dare Josephine's like a release out of this cold wave that had yet been able to resume creatively, then it degenerated commercially. It was an accessible album. Alain had an ability to open doors and close them. I had spoken with him the real trick of the song Dare Jos├ęphine is this drum machine, very cheap, that was a cavalcade; he did not appeal to the best European rock drummer of the moment ... And there was Sonny Landreth this incredible guitarist although on paper! "go there, let the horse with your guitar", it could be the absolute ridiculous [laughs].

Have you been surprised by his move to country rock?

No, because Alain started really early to play it. He had a knowledge of all musical styles, he listened to everything: it is the only one so dawdled in music. He could make a piece of country, and after, play a song for Alan Vega [singer of New York band Suicide].

And the words of the song? Are we to understand them?

No, she is self-explanatory. That's what's great, and we ask no more: they are words thrown in pasture, and each one makes sense. Even the clip Mondino, simply gorgeous, explains nothing at all (and there are not many songs that meet their images as much!). Dare Josephine could pay in the most weak and intellectualized poetry, but not . This is sound poetry, a clash of words: Alain had an incredible attention to vocabulary and they were also both crazy poet Guillevic. [Having become friends, Alain Bashung and Miossec co-authored Let envy, on Imprudence.].

For me it is miraculous that people can join a text as surreal! What I try to do in my songs, it's also just the opposite ...

Dare Josephine appears immediately when we are very, very far from the ease of the variety: there behind all crazy brain work. We approach another world, it opens large spaces: it's been a very foolish, it encourages you. "Nothing precludes the night" and "there is no justification," it's so pretty ... Without ever falling into silliness. In fact, one feels Alain happy.

Last Album: Down here, right here, by Miossec (Pias).

In concert at the Festival du Bout du Monde, from 1 to 3 August; the festival of King Arthur, August 29 and 30 at Breal-sous-Montfort (35); Trianon, November 14, in Paris ...

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