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Municipal Rouen: Yvon Robert in a good position, right and center have distanced

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Municipal Rouen: Yvon Robert in a good position, right and center have distanced

The Socialist Mayor of Rouen Yvon Robert in February 2014. Triballeau

Yvon Robert is set to win his bet. Despite a national context sealed, despite his lack of charisma, the current mayor took the lead on the evening of 1st round. According défintifs results, Jean-François much distance Bures, the UMP candidate, with 30.24% of votes. The successor to Valérie Fourneyron therefore appears well positioned to take the mayor's chair and thus erase the trauma of 2001 (He was then beaten by the UDF Pierre Albertini). One final bend to negotiate: the merger with citizen EE-LV list. Despite the 2010 clash (The Greens slammed the door of the municipal executive), approximation, a priori, should proceed without a hitch major. The two teams know each other well, they discuss together for several weeks.

The Rouen Environmentalists, meanwhile, failed to anticipate the great socialist brother as hoped, however, Jean-Michel Bérégovoy their list. They get a score of 11.09%. A failure? Not really ... They are slightly higher than their score in 2001 (this is the last election where they left alone and William Grima, the time of the list, was then obtained 10.36%). And the incumbent mayor will need an alliance with the Greens in the second round to win. The Rouen environmentalists should therefore sell their skin jauntily.

The right and center, in contrast, do not seem able to reclaim the city. In reality, they are unlikely to prevent a new left majority to access responsibilities. Undermined by its divisions - two lists in the first round, one IDU, another UMP - disadvantaged by the very low awareness of its candidates, the Republican right ... should remain in opposition for another six years. Jean-François Bures list for the UMP, still draws its pin from the play. It largely supplants his rival UDI, Patrick Chabert, with 23.39% of votes. In fact, he became the leader of the municipal opposition while the Rouen center was weakened this "battle in the battle" with 13.62% of votes. UDI is not in a strong position when negotiating a merger.

In a way, this is the end of a great centrist tradition in Rouen
For his part, William Pennelle (FN) meets 13.38% of the vote. After a decade of absence from Rouen, the extreme right resurfaced training in municipal politics and can be maintained in the second round.
An additional benefit for Yvon Robert since a triangular still a little advantage in its reconquest of the town hall. Tonight, the current mayor of Rouen has all the cards in hand to ensure his re-election ...

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