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New mobile radars: 300,000 motorists flashed in a year

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New mobile radars: 300,000 motorists flashed in a year

Currently 99 mobile cameras roam the roads of France, by 2015 they should be 300. Samson

Set up last year, mobile radars are extremely effective. The Figaro reports that 300,000 motorists were flashed by these board radars in unmarked cars. Daily builds on the last count conducted by the Interministerial Delegation for Road Safety (DISR), which states that 99 of these devices are currently on the roads.

Mobile speed cameras are flashing while driving, they are installed in Renault Megane and Peugeot 208. Since October 21, they can control the speed of the cars before they cross, making them even more formidable. "This check says 'approach' installed much later, allowed to flash many times this year that in excess," the statement from the DISR.

As of June they will also be set up in Berlingo, assures the newspaper, adding that the target announced by those responsible for road safety is to get a fleet of 200 cars equipped by the end of this year and another 100 vehicles in 2015.

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More effective radar

"These devices are designed to replace other fixed speed cameras, become less efficient," said Henri Prevost, Deputy Interministerial Delegate for Road Safety.

The shift to the new radar is essentially pragmatic. "The shots exploitation rates obtained through these devices is 66% when 60% with other radars," said the statement from the DISR who notes that radar "flashent 1% of the large excess top speed 60 km / h against 0.2% with other so-called conventional radars. "

A return that is important, is not synonymous offense ticket. Of the 300 000 recorded offenses, the DISR announces that "180,000 of them have resulted in a contravention notice, the rest can not be used because of poorly taken photos, barely legible plates ...".

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