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No, spend time on Facebook does not make depression

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No, spend time on Facebook does not make depression

The giant social network Facebook on Thursday began testing a system that allows celebrities to register under a pseudonym, thus escaping the strict obligation of the site will register under his official identification. Hoshino

There is no relationship between time spent on Facebook and the risk of depression, say US researchers in a new study.

This study, conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin (north), aimed in particular to check the validity of a report published in 2011 by an organization of American pediatricians (PAA), which affirmed that social networks can dive in heavy use, adolescents into depression.

"Our study is the first to present scientific evidence on the alleged links between the use of social networks and the risk of depression," said Lauren Jelenchick, the Medical and Public Health School of the University of Wisconsin.

These results, published Monday in the Journal of Adolescent Health, "have important implications for physicians who prematurely could alert parents about the risks of depression related to social networks," she added .

To conduct their research, Jelenchick Lauren and Megan Moreno studied the behavior of 190 students aged 18 to 23 years and passing on Facebook half their time on the internet. They have found no link between the use of social networks and depression. "Our findings are similar to those of studies that were interested in other communication tools such as email and online discussions, and did not find either link with depression," the researchers write .

However, they acknowledge, "a simple study", which is more limited to a panel of students from the same university, can not definitively rule out any link between depression and time spent on social networks.

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