November 10 category:Politics, Economics
A tax gift for households after the second round? Getty Images / Goodshoot RF According to France Info, the government is about to announce a tax measure for households. It would be revealed after the second round of municipal, together with a possib
November 10 category:Funding and financing
32 entrepreneurs were selected for the 14th edition of Start West, dedicated to financing innovative companies. istock They are only 32 in the running. 32 holders of projects ready to go before investors partners of the event Start West, to be held o
November 10 category:Receipts
Cocotte granules, garlic and tomatoes Eric Frechon. V. Guédès / B. Abraham / Solar For 4 people. Preparation 10 minutes. Cook 30 minutes. Ingredients 300g new potatoes 2 heads of garlic 20 candied tomato wedges 1 dash of peanut oil 100g salted butter
November 10 category:TV
Series 24 returns to Fox after four years of interruption. Screenshot Jack is Back! On 5 May, the 24 series is back in action after the end of season 8 in 2010. The former agent Jack Bauer is now on the run, hunted by the CIA but not found. Fox relea
November 10 category:Children
Infants feel more comfortable in a bed of size. Getty Images Not essential but preferable It was not that long, your newborn was coiled in your belly, warm, well wrapped. At birth, lie directly in a cot or playpen bed can worry about: he seem huge an
November 10 category:TV
Hannah ad to Marnie new job offer in a writing workshop 1500 km from New York to Iowa. Screenshot s in Prédémment Girls: Hannah loose his job with the firm intention to become a writer. She tries to bring back Adam in their apartment but did not yiel
November 10 category:Books, High Tech
Hide those breasts (and these bits of buttocks) that I can not see. Kindle version of the cover of The Wanderess, novel Roman Payne is too erotic for Amazon. Aesthete Press / Roman Payne Victim of "puritanism." Here's how Roman Payne, Ameri
November 10 category:TV
The return of Claire could complicate the relationship between Ryan and his new girlfriend. Screenshot Previously on The Following: Ryan manages to capture Dr. Strauss, that would have made ​​Joe Carroll. Meanwhile, Joe kills the cult leader Korban a
November 10 category:Receipts
Cream of Sweet Potato Ginger Eric Frechon. V. Guédès / B. Abraham / Solar For 4 people. Preparation 20 minutes. Cook 25 minutes. Ingredients 450g sweet potato 1 large leek 1 celery stalk 1 piece of ginger 80 g of butter 1 pinch of coarse salt Prepara
November 10 category:Escape
A bird on the branch of a plum tree in Tokyo, March 25, 2014, the official start of spring. Tsuno Symbolic event marking the start of the Japanese spring, cherry blossoms officially started Tuesday, March 25 in Tokyo, to the delight
November 9 category:Businesses
Philippe Varin, the boss of PSA, speaks July 2, 2013 in a new factory mounted with its Chinese partner Dongfeng in Wuhan in China's Hubei province. PSA Peugeot Citroën has formalized this Wednesday on the occasion of the visit of Chinese Pres
November 9 category:Elections, Regions
Jean-Paul Fournier has involved a bailiff to see the late filing of the left list. Here, alongside Nicolas Sarkozy for his surrender legion of honor at the Elysee. Jean-Paul Fournier 19 pm Tuesday night, it's panic within the prefecture. "Where
November 9 category:Books
Our Lady of Our Lady by Alexis Ragougneau. Viviane Hamy, 250p., 17 €. DR This is a ballet Alexis Ragougneau invites us in his first detective novel Lady of Our Lady ballet between the moral, legal, faith and reason ... multiplying confrontations betw
November 9 category:Books
A book one day, a book by Olivier Barrot always. La Martinière In your literary program broadcast on Saturday on France 3, An ever book, you present the classics of French literature. How did you get the urge to collect them in a book? To be honest,
November 9 category:Books
Literary chronicle of François Busnel. DR Can a book change your life? This is at the heart of the new book by Jean-Christophe Rufin. Because we are in a novel and the author masked ahead, while subtle, nothing is ever formulated in such abrupt and y
November 9 category:North America
A fire in a building under construction in Houston on Tuesday nearly cost the life of this worker. copy screen Youtube It was stuck on the balcony of a building under construction on fire in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday, reports the Washington Post. Tw
November 9 category:Media, Economy
Alain Weil, president of NextRadioTV group (BFM-TV), believes that no call for applications was made for the allocation of a frequency. It calls on Europe canceling the LCI amendment. Samson The web of Free TNT do not want LCI. Further
November 9 category:Football
Lyon coach Claude Puel leaves training May 6, 2010. Desmazes The Board of Lyon tribunal dismissed on Thursday the former Lyon coach Claude Puel, his application for nearly 7 million to his former club for "breach of contract
November 8 category:Businesses
François Hollande September 26, 2013 in Florange with ArcelorMittal employees. WOJAZER Censorship Thursday from the heart of the law "Florange" presidential campaign promise, is a severe setback for Francois Hollande. And a
November 8 category:Health
The electronic cigarette is a smash success. But it still has few studies on the potential health risks of vapoteurs. REUTERS Dangerous, electronic cigarette? The New York Times earlier this week denounced the number of poisonings related to e-cigare

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