November 28 category:Practice
From Paris to Marseille, Les Cocottes collect the best places to organize highly personalized weddings. Anne-Claire Brown Their decor online shops My Sweet Boutique "This online store run by two crazy girls kitchen offers decoration to highlight
November 28 category:Books
Primitive accumulation of darkness, Bruce Bégout. AFP PHOTO DANIEL VELEZ You remember "things that are behind things" that Jean Gabin in Port of Shadows? The formula could adorn the frontispiece of Primitive Accumulation of darkness, the co
November 28 category:Political
The President of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone February 19, 2014 in the Chamber Andrieu Eavesdropping of conversations with his lawyer Nicolas Sarkozy are legal, according to the president of the National Assembly Claude Barto
November 28 category:Asia
Vietnamese military building goes in search of the missing plane Malaysia Airlines, the Vietnamese port of the island of Phu Quoc, Sunday, March 9, 2014. REUTERS / Nguyen Phuong Linh "A Vietnamese plane said to have discovered two broken objects
November 27 category:Political
Hervé Morin, the case that shakes Nicolas Sarkozy "looks like a legal scandal." REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes Haro on justice. The case of tapping of telephone conversations between Nicolas Sarkozy and his lawyer "like a judicial scandal a
November 27 category:Society
Serge Charnay, the man who was cut last year in Nantes crane for three days and three nights to claim the right to see his child, was taken into custody Sunday morning in the Puy-de-Dôme for a new "abduction" of her son. Perry
November 27 category:Personal Effectiveness
Get rid of chores-tasks: the puzzle planning, tedious proofreading reports, etc. You gain in well-being at work. istock Work and pleasure are many conflicting words. Yet everyone spends a lot of time and energy office or in workshops. It is worthwhil
November 27 category:Europe
Pro-Russian Ukrainians manifested in Donetsk March 9, 2014 The "measures" taken by the Crimean authorities meet "international law," says Vladimir Putin. The Russian president defended on Sunday, the right of the Ukrainian
November 27 category:Hair and makeup
MAC makeup artists create a custom makeup for the bride. WireImage MAC Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics Champs-Élysées store offers a benefit of one and a half including a trial and an application on the day J. Not only the bride is more beautiful than ever b
November 27 category:Health
Based on the identification of ten lipids in the blood, the test could be the subject of clinical trials in two years, the researchers said. REUTERS / Kham Hope for better detect Alzheimer's disease? US researchers have developed a new blood test to
November 27 category:Fashion
The singer Jenifer in the advertising campaign Halle spring-summer 2014. Courtesy of Halle The claw sweet priced clothing Halle is offered a new start and settled in March on the Parisian boulevards. With the arrival of the second lines by N Naf Naf,
November 27 category:Economy
Bouygues rising. "We see many Orange goes elsewhere, and it is not by chance. Investors are betting on the return of the margins of the operators." Piermont At the Paris Stock Exchange on Monday, the application redemption SFR
November 27 category:Political
Several hypotheses exist about the origin of the sources of leakage of sound recordings of Patrick Buisson, a former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy. His son assured not to be the author of the leak. Screenshot Canal + Family Buisson washes his dirty line
November 26 category:Society
Sexual harassment in the army: "The mess are places of predilection for this kind of scam." Cabanis She wanted to spend her degree to become a waitress. Bad experience Mess [restaurant] Military Training Centre (MCPF) of Fonten
November 26 category:Asia
Japanese low-cost airline Skymark Airlines wants to wear short dresses hugging her hostesses Reuters Japanese low-cost airline Skymark Airlines may have thought that a small price for the customer rhymed with little dress for the hostesses ... Error:
November 26 category:TV
Natacha Polony and Aymeric Caron are not their first exchange of pleasantries on the We're not lying plateau. Screenshot Eric Zemmour and Eric Naulleau yet gone long ago, the chroniclers of the issue is not lying continue to talk about them. During t
November 26 category:Movie
Patema Inverted, Yasuhiro Yoshiura. © Yasuhiro Yoshiura / Sakasama Film Committee Weightlessness is not a guarantee of lightness. In a world cut in two, where people from above and those below are living in an inverted gravity, Patema discovers the p
November 26 category:Policy, Africa
Jihadists have launched death threats against Francois Hollande. KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP "To our lone wolves in France, run the head of atheism and crime. Terrorize her cursed government made them explode and let live their horror." In res
November 26 category:Businesses Huguen Business life is. If the operator Free has become the best ally of Bouygues Telecom to take over SFR recent days, it has not always been so. In early February, the group of Martin Bouygues has even complained to the Commercial
November 26 category:Movie
The Monuments Men, George Clooney. Here John Goodman George Clooney, Matt Damon. © 20th Century Fox The choice of arts is one that makes George Clooney for this fifth film back (but still before, too) the camera. With The Monuments Men, he embarks on

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