November 26 category:News item
A surgeon Creusot found 600 grams of cocaine in the intestine of the patient Parks In late February, a man with presents to the emergency of the Hôtel-Dieu du Creusot. The man, aged forty year old and a native of the mining area, accord
November 26 category:Political
Manuel Valls was not aware Listens Nicolas Sarkozy on February 26 along Christiane Taubira and Jean-Marc Ayrault. This is certainly what the interior minister said Wednesday morning. Office Manuel Valls knew ... but he knew by the pres
November 26 category:Political
Dominique de Villepin, September 13, 2013 in Paris. Saget A working day for 100,000 euros bonus? According to the website of the conservative Daily Telegraph, citing unidentified at the Foreign Ministry sources, Dominique de Villepin con
November 25 category:Escape
This new Scénic features compact lines and interiors treated. RENAULT It is discreet, the Renault Scénic, and yet it is one of the four best-selling cars in France with nearly 3% market share. Ignoring his usual modesty, this compact MPV first of its
November 25 category:Beauty
In March, three beauty bloggers have crafted their perfect cosmetic box, distributed by Mysekit. Courtesy of Mysekit A box for every skin beauty is the idea of ​​Mysekit offering in March, not a box but three, each consisting of five beauty products
November 25 category:Movie
Monuments to men once will not hurt, George Clooney is surrounded by his friends. 20th Century Fox Grant Heslov: Partner They met on the benches of a theater course there almost thirty years. Heslov Clooney lent money to his first portraits. Grant He
November 25 category:North America
Lux, 4 years old, 10 pounds, attacked his masters, who had to call the police to leave the room in which they were locked up, early in the week. Screenshot Aggressive cat Warning! Lux, 4, is a Himalayan Persian cat owned by an American family from Or
November 25 category:Fashion
The sportswear look is no longer reserved for rappers. Neal Preston / Corbis If you are one of those people for whom the term sportswear exclusively evokes images greens, tennis clubs, at most, casual fridays at the office, this article is for you. F
November 25 category:Politics, Justice
The former head of state, Nicolas Sarkozy is placed on listening since 3 September 2013. Coex Nicolas Sarkozy has been placed on listening to the judges since September 3, 2013, announced the financial prosecutor. Sarkozy's lawyer, Thi
November 25 category:Books
Marcel Gotlib in the 1970s "I always screwed up, even as a kid." © C. Poutout And yet, since water has passed under the bridges and squares under the eyes. He even had in the 1980s, beefy pen: Bilal, Tardi, Boucq, Juillard, Schuiten ... To
November 25 category:Shape
Within one month of the Paris marathon, it is not too late to buy an activity sensor to support you in your training. REUTERS To analyze shopping or cook up custom workouts, there are many high tech accessories to hang on the wrist or applications to
November 24 category:Europe
Activist pro-Russian Crimea, before a statue of Lenin. REUTERS / David Mdzinarishvili The Heads of State of the G7 remind Russia that they have suspended their preparations for the G8 Sochi in June, until it "changed direction" on the Crime
November 24 category:Asia
The US Agency for Civil Aviation had planned entry into force of a directive of corrosion inspection and cracks on the B777 registered in the United States. BOEING DR CAPTURE SCREEN The Boeing 777 found the Malaysia Airlines has he suffered a fatal d
November 24 category:Movie
The Monuments Men. A cast in gold, a promo of concrete and a movie ... missed. © 20th Century Fox The clocks will need to arrive on time. It will therefore better said: finally, The Three Brothers, the return will be more or less as many entries as T
November 24 category:Science, Asia
Vietnamese helicopter conducts research to try to find the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing on 11 March 2014. Nam Dinh 42 ships, 39 aircraft and 12 countries involved. To say that the operations to recover the flight MH370 linking Kuala
November 24 category:VIP
Lindsay Lohan has included the names of 36 men known with which it would have had an affair. REUTERS Forget Bush case, the real revelation is on the site It includes a list (not exhaustive?) Famous men with whom Lindsay Lohan have
November 24 category:Europe
The OECD suspend the accession process of Russia following the deployment of Russian troops in the Crimea. REUTERS / Baz Ratner The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said Thursday it had suspended "for the moment
November 24 category:Practice
Rather than a grotesque costume dress up the bride for his bachelor party girl made him wear a quirky accessory like the diadem or fluorescent boa throughout the day. DR Do not do to others what you would have them do to you. This could be the credo
November 24 category:TV
House of Cards. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife, Claire (Robin Wright) are ready for anything. © NE Bell / Netflix / Sony Pictures 1. It is close to reality Types with teeth that would parquet over 12 floors, there are plenty row the Whit
November 23 category:South America
A Venezuelan student faces the police during a demonstration against the government in Caracas March 12, 2014 Ramirez The voltage does not drop in Venezuela. Students and police have clashed again Wednesday in downtown Caracas, killing th

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