November 21 category:World
Pro-Russian demonstration in Simferopol, Crimea, March 9, 2014. Monteforte "How happy I am, our dear country we will find," says Zarina, a retired met Lenin Street in Simferopol. Difficult in the capital of Crimea, to find a
November 21 category:Formula 1
Nico Rosberg won the F1 Grand Prix March 16, 2014 in Melbourne Kahn Germany's Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) won the Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 this Sunday in Melbourne. This is his fourth F1 victory and 100th of a Mercedes engine in the
November 21 category:Sport
The French Marie Bochet won another gold medal. This is called fly over the competition. Marie Bochet won his fourth gold medal Sunday at the Paralympic Games in Sochi (Russia), winning the giant standing in alpine skiing, another French, Sol
November 21 category:Middle East
A Syrian soldier making the V for victory Sunday, March 16 in the streets of Yabrud, strategic town 75 km north of Damascus, taken to the rebels by the Assad regime Eid This is a blow to the rebellion. Yabrud, the last rebel stronghold
November 21 category:Society
Carpool, taxi, telecommuting or transport? The Express listed the alternatives to the car (illustrative photo). Samson Carpooling, telecommuting or transport? Because of the pollution peak, motorists whose car has a registration pair m
November 21 category:Economy
From 1989 to 2004, Marc Blondel was general secretary of FO. REUTERS / Charles Platiau Former Secretary General of the Workers Force Marc Blondel died at the age of 75. It is the union announced Monday in a statement. Workers Force (FO) a "pain
November 21 category:Asia Business
Riots forced Toyota to close its two plants in India. Valentin Flauraud / Reuters One-stop production. Toyota employees in both Indian automaker's assembly plants have engaged for almost a month "deliberate stops production line, intimidation an
November 21 category:Children
Pregnancy is one of the most favorable periods of life with the appearance of stretch marks Getty Images / iStockphoto What stretch marks? Stretch marks are scars caused by rupture of collagen fibers in the dermis. During pregnancy, a hormone, cortis
November 20 category:Sport
It left for the 24th edition of the rally gazelles Carolina Politi / The On the esplanade of the Trocadero Saturday, the 320 competitors in the 24th edition of the Rally Aicha des Gazelles have the smile in a few minutes, they will start t
November 20 category:Political
The peak pollution has forced the authorities to take drastic measures, such as alternating traffic. AFP / BERTRAND GUAY / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD Paris, March 17, We had to resign ourselves to leave Paris as the air we breathe it was flawed, pungent and
November 20 category:Media
Oprah Winfrey finally turns the page of her talk show reselling them Harpo Studios. (Illustrative photo) REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni Oprah Winfrey is set to make his final farewell to Harpo Studios. It is in these places that African-American animator tu
November 20 category:Books
40% of the French put their trust in the book against 16% in the daily press and television, internet 7% and 3% for magazines, according to Ipsos MediaCT study. Venantius The French love the books, even though playing back for 3 years. T
November 20 category:TV
In Hostages, the heroine must assassinate Israeli Prime Minister if it is not his kidnappers kill his entire family. Channel 10 As Netflix has not yet arrived in France, Canal + remains the series channel (even if SCO and its partnership with HBO can
November 20 category:North America
Screenshot of the TV station KTLA, based in Los Angeles. DR More fear than harm. Los Angeles was awakened early Monday morning by an earthquake of magnitude 4.4. No significant damage to report, but a scare on a local television studio KTLA TV. The p
November 20 category:Management
We are six participants in the premises of the team, to participate in a two-day "high voltage Managers". We are immersed in the world of sport to learn how to mediate conflicts, manage egos and defusing crises. Thursd
November 20 category:TV
Apocalypse: World War I, a fresco in five parts Surla Great War. Screen Capture Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle struck again. The couple had made ​​about him in 2008 with Apocalypse. World War II and then in 2011 with Apocalypse. Hitler, two exce
November 20 category:Justice
Two years after the Merah case, the DCRI is subject to a criminal investigation for "endangering the lives of others." France 2 Images The DCRI in the crosshairs of justice. Two years after the Merah case, the Paris prosecutor's office open
November 20 category:Policy Scenes
Exclusive - Francois Hollande at the Elysee receives the opponent Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko, the Ukrainian MP Petro Poroshenko and Bernard-Henri Lévy. The President may attend the premiere of the last part of the philosopher in Sarajevo on June 27 a
November 19 category:Receipts
Scallops with green oregano oil. Bernard Touillon For 6 people Ingredients 24 scallop shell 50 cl of olive oil 1 bunch fresh oregano Salt and pepper Preparation 1. Prepare the green oil: oregano plucked blanch in salted boiling water for 3 min. Immer
November 19 category:Receipts
Croustifondantes bars with peanuts. Snapper Media For 16 pieces. Preparation <20 min (rest + 1 h). Cooking 30 min. Ingredients 130 g of peanut butter 140 g of natural peanut 400 g of sweetened condensed milk 110 g of liquid honey 130 g butter (+ f

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