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Paul Ceglia, the man who claimed to have 50% of Facebook, was arrested

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Paul Ceglia, the man who claimed to have 50% of Facebook, was arrested

UNITED STATES - False documents and evidence destroyed were the heart of Paul Ceglia folder to claim in US courts possession of the Facebook site.

REUTERS / Thomas Hodel

He claimed to have half of Facebook. Paul Ceglia is since Friday in the hands of the Federal Police, who arrested following a complaint accusing him of a "ploy billions of dollars to scam Facebook" to the boss and the social network, Mark Zuckerberg .

Preet Bharara, Manhattan District Attorney, and Randall Till, an official of the US Postal Service, announced in a statement that a complaint against Paul Ceglia.

The man with "50% of Facebook" was arrested Friday morning "at his home in Wellsville, in the state of New York, and it will be referred to the federal court in Buffalo" by Friday, the statement said.

The alleged con man himself had filed a complaint in court in 2010 in Buffalo, saying that under a contract dating back to 2003, Zuckerberg had promised him 50% of the site billion users. He leaned to tell, on forged or fabricated documents while destroying evidence that would contradict his thesis, argue the authorities.

A false contract for "The face book" in 2003

In March, Facebook had asked the rankings without suites Paul Ceglia's complaint, saying it was based on wrong.

Paul Ceglia claimed that 28 April 2003 -almost a year before the launch of Mark Zuckerberg would Facebook- contracted to be remunerated thousand dollars in exchange for development prior to January 1, 2004 of a website, including the title would have been "The face book." It would have held 50% stake, with the remainder going to Paul Ceglia.

He asserted that the contract provided that its share increase by 1% for every day late after January 1, 2004, until the completion of the site. Now Facebook has been operational on 4 February, 34 days later than expected, added Paul Ceglia's complaint.

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