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Pauline Delpech "My reference beauty is my mother"

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Pauline Delpech "My reference beauty is my mother"

Pauline Delpech, writer lagoon look publishes his next novel in late January. As she posed for the campaign "Breast cancer, talk about" it proved between charm and spirituality.

Marie Claire: Do you remember your first mascara?

Pauline Delpech: At 10-12 years, my mother already gave me advice as to focus the eyes or mouth, but never both. It is very beautiful and very flirtatious. This is my reference.

Marie Claire: At what age did you find your style?

Pauline Delpech: I beginning to find it. I have long focused on my eyes, making them very smoky. Now I focus more attention to my skin and I put fluids and chic clothing.

Marie Claire: A personal beauty tip?

Pauline Delpech: I am removes eye with a cotton ball soaked in pure olive oil. This prevents dark circles, redness and stinging.

Marie Claire: Your secret after a sleepless night?

Pauline Delpech: Drink plenty of water, apply Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, contour Esthederm eyes and the Mac concealer. It is necessary that the day is calm and silent, because lack of sleep puts my nerves on edge.

Marie Claire: What is the best advice that pro beauty has given you?

Pauline Delpech: Do not be afraid of passing time. Sebastian, the artistic director of Patrick Ales, advised me not to touch the color of my hair, even seem to leave some white. A makeup artist at Mac also recommended me the most natural possible. The invisible beauty treatment is the ultimate in femininity.

Marie Claire: What are you doing to your body?

Pauline Delpech: In recent years, I listen to what he claims, as a two-day detox juice. I never drink alcohol, my cooking is healthy and balanced, I walk half past one day, I'm riding and Power Plate. I am also a fan of relaxing massages oils. Brigitte Bugeas (2) is the best masseuse in the world!

Marie Claire: You agreed to unveil the campaign "Breast cancer, talk about" ...

Pauline Delpech: I am pleased to be chosen. I used to hide my body, it was a weight! Have the courage to assume and show is revenge.

Marie Claire: Are you loyal to a fragrance?

Pauline Delpech: Since my 20 years at Chanel No. 5. It brings me luck. I like it in all concentrations, depending on the season. My mother, the mixture to Coco.

Marie Claire: An outfit to seduce?

Pauline Delpech: There are two days, a classic black pants, a halter top and a loose bun. I much prefer that to the miniskirt. I think he found me attractive ...

Marie Claire: Your definition of beauty?

Pauline Delpech: Self-Acceptance, the spiritual, the look of someone who loves you make beautiful and sexy. This is a mental issue. It is never won.

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